PS4 USERS: Beware the auto renew not showing up in your PSN subscription list

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Ziggurat8, Dec 30, 2018.

  1. Ziggurat8

    For whatever reason Planetside 2's recurring charge doesnt show up on the Account Information page under the Playstation Subscriptions list if you access it from your PS4 dashboard.

    It does show it under the Planetside 2 services list on the dashboard. Or if you access your account through the Playstation Network website- it does show it under Playstation Subscriptions.

    Just got hit with $129 12 month membership I didn't want. I assumed it wasn't set to auto renew. It wasn't listed under the dashboard Playstation Subscriptions. The normal place you view your recurring charges for games. All my other game subs ARE listed on that screen. I just went through and made sure... No more surprise charges on my credit card.

    Really ******* sucks. $129 on a game I barely play anymore.

    GG Daybreak. GG

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  2. Gen.Drake61

    Interesting,as soon as i saw this post i checked my ps plus subscription settings,apparently everytime you make a renewal it gets turned back on,thats the most likely culprit,aha sony,trying to pull a fast one,also, i dont leave my card details on my account in case i get hacked,theres been a lot of high profile hacks invloving streamers,and due to sony policy, if a third party gets access to your account,your stuck with the bill and your account can be terminated if you dont pay up,generally they will lock your account until you pay it in full,then you'll gain back access to it,also you have to go throgh sony,dont go through your bank otherwise they perma ban your account,its all thanks to geo hottz and his anonymous cronnies due to the 2011 psn hack and data breach that psn is no longer free and these policies are in place anyway...oh well,thankfully i was still playstation 2 otherwise id be totally screwed in this day and time.
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  3. Twin Suns

    Just file a complaint with you're local Better Business Bureau (BBB) or with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

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  4. Gen.Drake61

    Was told to contact sony, After they replied to my second support ticket about this,i think ps4 game might be bugged to where past subscribers are suddenly getting free subs,around the time i got my replacement ps4 in 2017 i suddenly noticed I started getting the sub benefits after a crash as i was not receiving it before as it had already expired and benefits were gone well after i logged back in when i first replaced it,well after the crash and i logged back in, it jumped from 0 to 50% and planetside 2 isnt even shown in the services list anymore,ive had no charges on my card as it was a 3 month sub and i do believe i turned off auto renew as i see no sub under services or subscriptions, and my account has not been banned or temporarily suspended i dont understand why im still recieving the members benefits,ill talk to sony tomorrow,i just supect its a bug affecting my character though,a lot of people are having the same issue im having though,even some that have never bought a membership, dbg staff said in the past (it was someone in the bug report site,a staf member said in a reply when i submited a bug report about it under the comments section i had an active membership,thought i had gotten hacked,turned out not to be the case)that i have an active sub but it expired in either 2016 or 2017 and i never renewed it, and as i said i dont leave my card on any accounts,this has got me freaking out right now.
  5. Gen.Drake61

    Ok so got off the phone with psn,no active subscription for planetside 2,been expired since January 2017,was a 3 month sub,so i guess my characters just bugged.