[Suggestion] [PS2CPC] An open letter to all players and the Daybreak Game Company

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  1. Aokiwasuke

    Hello, everyone, I am the co-founder of the PlanetSide 2 Chinese Player Community (PS2CPC)-AokiWasuke. This open letter is published today, hoping to receive the support of your fellows in Auraxium.

    PlanetSide 2 is an irreplaceable game in many people's minds. It carries so much memory and friendship. With so many ways to play, so fierce competition between players, and so much unity in community, I couldn't find an alternative to this "**** game."

    Since 10 years ago, there are still a few veteran players playing this game. We have experienced several times when PlanetSide 2 is about to apoptosis, but we have never abandoned the game just because of insufficient developers and no frequent updates, even the earliest ban on IP login games in Chinese mainland did not prevent us from playing this game.

    From the octagonal fortress and solar arrays of Esamir to the Crown of Indar, the scenes of each continent are as familiar as our own living rooms, and it's as if these images have been written into our DNA: we can remember all the rooms, every route of attack, every location where a duelist might have been parked. For me, Auraxium is our home online.

    But as we all know, the recent Asian service Soltech cheaters are rampant to a very exaggerated and arrogant point. At the beginning, there were only a few high-profile cheaters, and we were dependent on Daybreak Game Company's (hereinafter referred to as Daybreak) customer service to be able to deal with them to ensure the players’game experience. But now these cheaters have even started to form squads and create outfits of cheating players. Ordinary players are being slaughtered by these cheaters, even veteran players are difficult to play when facing such high intensity flying Iron Man (in the impossible way to move the MAX), void, insubstantial SUNDERER, Vehicles in the ground.

    Every day. On the PlanetSide 2 related groups and forums, the most discussed is whether there are cheaters today in the Asian service, the numbers and their names instead of how to choose the best arms, or discuss playing tactics. There are plenty of people cursing Daybreak to end PlanetSide 2 soon, because I understand that they are just disappointed at this terrible cheating situation. As the administrator of the PS2CPC who watches the group chat and discussion every day, I feel embarrassed and upset about what happens now, and am very confused: how did my only favorite game become this way?

    Shortly after the establishment of PS2CPC, we provide the Mon Hunter Missile Range service (MHM) on the official website by filling out a form to send a report email on the principle of serving players. We have communications with Daybreak's customer service department and they acknowledge this kind of reporting and appreciate everything we did. But this is just a common reporting channel, designed to facilitate player reporting without sending emails. The banning of cheaters reported through MHM will not be any faster than if the player sent a work order, for the reason that the report through MHM will still have to wait for customer service member in San Diego to wake up in the morning to be processed, and these reported cheaters will be banned over 48 hours after the initial report.

    And the cheater? They have countless accounts at their disposal to use at will, and the registration threshold for Daybreak accounts is very low.

    If this continues, it is clear to us all that this will be an impossible war to win.
    PlanetSide 2 is a game that relies heavily on local computing, and it's very difficult to anti-cheat in an FPS game like this. So how do other games deal with it? Nothing but to ban cheaters as fast as possible. When a game open high profile cheating play less than 15 minutes will be banned, high profile cheaters will not be existed easily.

    As we all know, the earth is not flat, and the sunlight can only reach a part of it at the same time. When Tokyo servers are in hot time, the Daybreak headquarters far away in San Diego isn't even dawn yet. How can we achieve the desired banning speed?

    So what could Daybreak do to improve this situation? Perhaps a budget increase to subsidize night shifts for US staff or/and recruit more employees in the customer service department? Since there must be a need to cover other time zones, why not create a new customer service department in China or India, where labor is relatively cheap, on an outsourced basis? Doing so would have a number of benefits:
    • The detailed and exact data are unclear, but it is clear that almost 80% to 90% of Asian servers are players from mainland China. These players need customer service that is familiar with Chinese and works in the UTC+8 or Asian daytime zone.
    • With such a customer service directly in charge of Soltech servers or other servers that receive reports after hours in San Diego, USA, the speed of response is bound to increase to the extent that cheaters lose the desire to open high profile hang-ups.
    • Players are losing confidence in Daybreak's slow anti-cheating response and sometimes even letting cheats happen. Banning cheaters so slowly is no different from not banning them at all! If this situation goes on, how much desire will these ordinary players have to open the membership and top up DBC to buy expensive gift packs? Be aware that most players in Soltech use RMB to buy game props in USD. If the game environment gets better, the chances of impulsive consumption will increase. We all hope that the PlanetSide will continue to go into another decades, don't we?
    Even though we're excited about the fast rapid iterations and updates and the constant availability of new content to play, but without guarantee for normal playing, players will eventually make the choice to leave Auraxium.

    The issue of anti-cheating can no longer be like the elephant in the room, a problem that everyone knows but doesn't talk about. This issue must be addressed. The PS2CPC represents the ordinary player group, hoping that Daybreak, as an operator, can give players an answer to the anti-cheating question:
    • What problems are Daybreak's having with anti-cheating of the Soltech server?
    • Why not provide an online patrolling GM(server administrator) for the server with the largest number of cheaters?
    • How can Daybreak protect the basic rights and interests of players in a cheater-free environment?
    I implore PlanetSide 2 Outfit representatives and individual players reading this article to identify themselves by replying to the post below. PS2CPC would like to draw Daybreak's attention to the anti-cheating issue by means of an public joint letter.


    We have obtained the support of many giant Outfits, and the supporters of this open letter can represent the will of most Soltech players.
    Stop ignoring Soltech's problems.

    As of 2022/12/31 (UTC+8) all players who support us and Outfit statistics:https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1O8JyBwn1Z8doNhxQhrbKfpDXmbJmm8MsSCHT_D0Orew/edit?usp=sharing
    Photo records to verify the player's real identity(chinese only): https://forum.ps2cpc.site/d/370-she...ia-he-daybreak-game-companyde-gong-kai-xin/10
    original post: https://forum.ps2cpc.site/d/370
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  2. Aokiwasuke

  3. MartialDoctor

    Thank you for starting this threat. I actually came on the forum just to start my own thread on the same issue.

    I'm a returning player myself, having played a good amount of Planetside 2 in the past. I've brought over all of my friends to enjoy this great game and to start up an outfit here.

    However, we are also encountering this same issue. I played with my new clan last Thursday and Friday night. Over a 5 hour period during those times, we encountered at least 7-8 times where there were wall hackers. There was even one time over a 1 hour period where we encountered one wall hacker on Vanu, moved to a new spot against the NC, encountered another one within 10 minutes, and, so, moved to yet another spot against Vanu, where we encountered the same first wall hacker (who we had all already reported 30 minutes prior).

    If this doesn't stop, there will be no reason for us to stick around. This is a great game but it's definitely no fun if with the amount of cheater / hackers playing this game. It has to be resolved or else the Soltech community will definitely fall apart.
  4. JibbaJabba

    It's not bad on Emerald. When it happens though it's awful. Game wrecking. Entire outfits cancel ops and leave.

    I couldn't imagine having to deal with it constantly. I'd quit.

    Good luck guys.
  5. MartialDoctor

    Yes, I tried playing with some guys again last night. Most of TR, which we play on, wasn't even online. And we just kept encountering wall hackers from Vanu (looked to be mostly 1 or 2 guys). Basically, looks like everyone else is fed up with it too.
  6. Nogrim313

    im not sure why its so hard for DBG to pay 1-2 GMs to sit online and monitor the servers. i mean even if there was one person for all of the servers, their ability to log on and respond to a surge in reports would solve this foolishness.

    i know hackers are a whack-a-mol problem, but right now no one seems to be even bothering to swing a hammer.
  7. RabidIBM

    Any idea why this problem would be so much worse on one specific server? I'm amazed at how these guys aren't even trying to hide it.
  8. Shatteredstar

    They don't even need to do like a ton of ACTIVE banning. Literally turn battleeye on to watch stat progression. Hackers *LEAP* up in kills faster than any other person with crazy scores and no deaths. They literally couldn't use the cheats they do currently because they'd have to tone it down to not get caught by the autoban.
  9. FlyingBurrito

    A million times this!
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  10. JibbaJabba

  11. Scatterblak

    So far, Daybreak doesn't care, at least on Emerald. We video them and report them as fast as we can, and nothing gets done or acknowledged.

    Here's one I reported today:

    Hope your posts find more attention than mine did. I report the cheaters with video, and never get anything back, other than warnings not to mention names.

    With those policies, it's more like DBG is supporting the hackers, as opposed to doing anything to slow them down. :(

  12. VS Ministry of Truth

    Soltech's worst problem is that NC TR has an overwhelming population that destroys the game

    2nd worst problem: since the release of LA60, VS TR air teams have all dropped the game

    3rd worst problem : there are cheaters in this game , not only paid NSOs and NC players joining when NC has 38 - 50% pop , but ... it toxic

    to be frank, Soltech killers are NC players causing overpop, that's what I see

    try to imagine Wrel fixing Soltech and no more cheaters ,

    we go back to hell VS 12-28% pop , NC 38-42% pop and let's see who's the cheat then