[Suggestion] Ps2alert Stat Analysis

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  1. AntDX316

    so I fed this whole page to claudi.ai..

    and it gave this:

    It wasn't super perfect though thinking FU0C was an NC outfit but the fact it did all the other stats was cool.
  2. Ps2 player

    VKTZ sweats hard on a dead game.

    TR doesnt even give s single crap about the alert. they fell apart when pale tiger left TR and AODR majority left. HOUR shtters cheat theyre way to win using exploits

    NC only wins because of recursion when no other opposing outfit is on.

    recursion also swaps to TR when they realize NC arent listening and only fighting VS

    VKTZ likes to 3rd party TR NC fights and ruin them because TR NC dont care to fight sweaty valk spamming VS and betlegus cringe with no bullet drop and medic spamming in objective rooms.

    the weapons are all nerfed to dogwater where it feels like a chore to kill somone and dying and waiting for a 13 second respawn

    you cant spawn at the only place where a fight is happening due to a 1% overpop so you try to quick deploy a vehicle at the closest region and cant even do that because a overpop in that region even though its 1-12 with no literal fight going on other then a stalker camping vehicle terms nor can u spawn there either so u have to fk off to 2 regions away just to drive to that overpop fight just to actually play the game

    and after all that. you got hackers and latencyside running rampant and a team that has ghosted us pretty much.

    to make it even worse you have EU and SEA pilgrims coming to emerald and making the server ping spike higher then a hair on a porcupine
  3. Effect

    The year is 2023, noobs still complaining about no bullet drop.
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  4. AntDX316

    The game can go in many directions multiple times a game. Adapt.