Proper Sniper Etiquette: PS2 Edition

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  1. RobotNinja

    Proper Sniper Etiquette: PS2 Edition
    Rules for every Sniper

    1. If you see a friendly sniper on the battlefield, it is considered obligatory to stand right next to him firing repeated and badly aimed shots. If the other sniper is shot and killed shortly thereafter immediately run away until you find another sniper to be your new friend.

    2. Whenever possible, drop your proximity mines where they're most needed...on top of friendly soldiers, especially if they're being shot at.

    3. If you manage to sneak up on a particularly oblivious or AFK enemy it is your duty to kill him with the most humiliating thing you currently have at your disposal, such as a knife or a Beamer. Alternatively, if your accuracy could use a little work...a point blank headshot.

    4. Gloat, heckle and trash talk enemies whenever possible, alive or dead. If you have been killed by the same enemy multiple times but manage to kill him once you must crouch over their dead body repeatedly then send them a particularly ribbing tell such as, "Zoom, Zoom, Zoom!"

    5. If it looks like the last thing your squad/platoon needs right now is an(other) Infiltrator...then they probably REALLY need an Infiltrator.

    6. Sniping is all about getting the perfect position. Find the highest vantage point possible and stand up at the very top of it. You're going to want everyone to see how heroic you look up there with the wind in your hair.

    7. When spawning at a Sunderer, particularly one that is hidden behind some rocks or something in enemy territory, all nearby Infiltrators should cluster together and take up sniping positions as close as possible to the Sunderer to protect it from enemies.

    8. If the situation is hopeless and your death seems guaranteed, either find the most expedient means of suicide or just logout. You were gonna call it a night anyway.

    9. If you have trouble identifying friendly soldiers utilizing different armor camos, shoot first and ask questions later...but never apologize...Snipers DON'T apologize.

    10. Play on the worst graphic settings possible so enemies can't hide in shadows and foliage and so you can also take advantage of the cloaking texture bug which the dev team said they were "working on" three months ago.
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  2. HadesR

    11. You must always take up position behind another friendly sniper, So when he strafes to avoid return fire you shoot him in the back of the head
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  3. JDS999

    12. remember never use ur infiltrater darts they are bugged and dont inflict damage
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  4. Jetlag

    13. Never hack terminals or turrets, what's the point, you have everything you need and getting close to a base is dangerous.
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  5. Rabbitz

    14. Keep spotting enemies non-stop. Your stealthy friends will grateful for this.
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  6. Jetlag

    15. Whenever you have free time make sure you whine about how loud your cloak is and how LAs should sound like they have a misfiring jet engine strapped to their back.
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  7. GunsmithJoe

    16. Don't bother with IFF checks, if there's a sniper in your scope then shoot it!
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  8. Grumpymunky

    17. Friendly MAX units need your support, and they will always appreciate the extra firepower you offer with your pistol while standing directly in front of them.
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  9. Phazaar

    18. Always remember that your prime target should be the easiest guy to kill, not the most important. If there's a medic stood next to a guy on half health, take the easy kill on the second guy, and die to the medic's return fire. Half the time this will guarantee you a glorious and heroic death, and a state funeral with 21 gun salute for your exceedingly good aim. The other half, the medic will be too busy rezzing to shoot back, so you can proceed to kill the rezzed guy with a body shot before his shield comes back up. More glory and heroism for you!
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  10. AtroposZero

    19. If you're running around a friendly amp station, make sure you're cloaked at all times when not under structural cover. It doesn't matter if there is no immediate threat from the adversary, it's good practice for the real thing. Your teammates will appreciate the opportunity to practice their twitch IFF skills.
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  11. TheWulfe

    20. Remember, When charging Headlong through a Biolab, Your sniper rifle, has the highest Damage, thus making it the Best CQB option, Always have it equipped and never take cover when Reloading between shots Especially with a bolt action, your allies, need more firepower and you're helping.
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  12. RobotNixon

    21. When medic is trying to heal your ******** ***, cloak so he can get the subtle message that you dont need healing, you are a useful sniper.
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  13. Teh_Couch

    22. Whenever possible stand near friendlies and cloak a bunch, then laugh as they run around trying to find the enemy.
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  14. DonRaphaelus

    23. Get the back seat in the flash or harasser, the added firepower will come in hand for your friends.
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  15. Handelo

    24. Whenever possible, take up position directly in front of another friendly sniper. He wouldn't mind you completely obscuring his line of sight, and he could use the cover.
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  16. void666

    25. Whenever you sneak behind enemy lines spot every enemy you see. They are probably too distracted to hear your spot call outs.
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  17. IamDH

    26. Obey rules 1-25
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  18. lilleAllan

    26. Camp a worthless spot and completely fail to kill anything due to your terrible position and lackluster skills. Then come to these forums and complain that the class is woefully underpowered and blame everything but yourself.
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  19. CentralGuard

    27. When you kill someone stay in the same spot, no-one will notice the bullet flying through the air and investigate
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  20. caineunholy

    Please in you are Not NC and hiding.
    you must spot Ever enemy you see.
    "so I can find and kill you.