Post your favourite Infantry Loadout (while we wait for patch :D)

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  1. RageMasterUK

    Just curious to see what classes / weaps / playstyles people preferr...

    Post as below. Give us a little info on how you play your loadout also.
    I'll start.

    Terran Republic

    AV Mana Turret

    TRAC-5 S
    Underbarrel Grenade Launcher
    Laser Sight
    2x Optic

    At mid to long range I try and get height, perch on hills and set up mana turret to take down those pesky Sunderers and tank columns. This is by far the most useful application of this class with regards to influencing territorial control. I have singlehandedly taken out 6 sunderers in the space of about 5 minutes with good positioning, and delayed the advance of an entire squad of NC without a squad of my own.

    Close range TRAC-5 S isnt the best CQB weapon but it doesnt stop me killing folk.

    The magic happens always always ALWAYS trying to monopolise on the UBGL and infinite ammo. When locking down interiors I place the ammo pack central of the building, and try and range enemies just out side of 10m (UBGL arming range). The best method is to camp exterior doors from the center of buildings. Wait for troops to poke head round. 7/10 times they eat an instakill grenade before they've even started firing their weapon. To mix it up, pop out the doorway you just camped them at to nail them enroute to the building across open ground.

    UBGL allows least exposure to enemy fire while returning OHK instantly. Alot of people complain about the arc of the projectiles, but honestly, I think thats probably one of the better qualities of the weapon. Allows you to put damage on units over the cover their hiding behind. The grenade reaches out pretty darn far once you get the hang of gauging the angle.

    UBGL is also good for containing the enemy in their forcefield rooms. Aim at forcefield. Fire when enemy pops out.

    UBGL also good for spamming into heavy enemy controlled buildings. Especially the ones with NC maxes and engi repair squads. Make those splatter maxes pay for camping an interior with indiscriminate and unceasing AOE damage.

    UBGL is awesome for camping control points. Flip the point then leave it 0/2, wait till it blinks on the GUI, then pop out and look for the easy kill. Re-flip the point. Rinse. Repeat.

    OK OK, your turn.
    I'm genuinely interested in hearing how you play your infantry class through your own words!!! :D
  2. Chiss

    NC LA;
    Sweeper + 1x Reflex + Extended Mag
    Mag Shot + Laser + Supressor
    2x C4
    Nanoweave 5

    I shoot morons who don't know how to fight against shotguns.
  3. Pengalor



    Primary: Claw - Slugs/3.4x Red dot/ Laser Sight
    Secondary: Magshot - Laser Sight
    ammo pack, av turret
    Suit: Nano-weave 2 or something like that, haven't touched my suit stuff in a while
    Repair tool level...4 I think?

    That's the one I use the most (except the av turret, haven't unlock it yet but I love it in VR : /). Play tons of Engineer since there never seems to be any around when I need them lol.
  4. Valhalas


    Heavy Assault

    Primery: SV 88
    Attachments: 2x Reflex, Suppressor, High Velocity Ammo
    Secondry: Annihilator
    Special: C-4
    Shield: Shield Resist
    Suit: Flax Armor 2
  5. Sebyos



    It depends really, my favorite is the H-V45 FG NV SP.
    However due to my goal of getting at least 5 Auraxium medals in the AR category, I had to play other guns and turns out the Equinox with FG NV SP is also pretty good. Plus it has all the attachments just in case of.

    SUIT AND UTILITY: Everything I got is maxed, 2 C4 packs, max triage, max med tool and max nano regen plus I got flak 5 and nano 5 depending on situation. My go to suit is nano tough.

    I play mostly medium range where soft point is pretty good. I stay behind allies and provide cover from angles they don't think about while staying ready to rez them when needed.

    This is actually how a medic should be played if you ask me. We don't have ARs for nothing.
  6. Morpholine

    I swap around roles a huge amount on my main, so there really isn't much of a favorite loadout, although he's usually either engineer or HA.

    Lately, though, I've fallen in love with my two other-empire alts, both of whom are almost exclusively LA and run stock carbine, suppressor, reflex sights, adrenaline pump, jump jet 4, and C4 1 (saving for 2).

    Say what you like about empire weapon imbalances, all of the stock carbines are fantastic to use, even bare-bones and uncerted.
  7. StrikerKOJ

    Slot 1: Med App
    Slot 2: Pulsar
    Slot 3: Plasma Grenade
    Slot 4: Lancer
    Backpack: 4 Energy Cells, 2 Lancer Bolts, 2 Med Packs, Repair tool, 2 Plasma Grenades, 1 Jammer Grenade

    Oh, wait...
  8. p10k56

    TR LA: banzai attack style almost never survives :eek:
    Shotgun + 1xreflex + extended mag don't know name but biggest mag size and semi auto
    Pistol: silencer + laser sight Emperor is my choice
    Advanced shield capacitator lvl 4 + drifters lvl3
    Granade or C4
  9. Rudette

    My usual is an Infiltrator with a Hailstorm ...mmm flanking. Lately though, I've been playing my MAX.

    Terran Republic


    AI LOADOUT: Onslaughtx2, Kinetic Armor
    AA LOADOUT: Bursterx2, Flak(When I get certs for Flak >.>)

    Most epic moment was in a Sunderer that got blown up by a Reaver after killing a Vanguard with it's bulldogs deep in NC territory. Only me and the engineer survived, and I bursted down the Reaver. We started trotting up the hill and found an NC sunderer. I asked the Engie if he had mines, and he said he only had one. Didn't know why. He lul'd. I lul'd. We told the platoon commander and he told us to hold the line until he could get a squad there to back us up.

    I told the engineer I'd tank for him if he'd keep me standing, to stay behind me. Armed with my bursters I charged at the Sundy, ill equipped to deal with an infantry engagement. I started by killing the engineer that was guarding it, and subsequently the swarm that started spawning from it. The engie valiantly kept me standing as well as provided support fire while I drew all the attention I could. Finally, the cavalry arrived. A friendly tank and a sundy roll over the hill, and blast the NC into dust. We couldn't believe that just the two of us held out that long but we walked away with a pretty cool story to tell.

    Nothing stops a TR Soldier!