Please remove upside down damage

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  1. oberchingus

    Agree and restore traction so flipped harassers can live again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. WarmasterRaptor

    Gravity on vehicles should be increased... they feel so... light... :confused:
  3. Desann

    Driving like a maniac is one thing, but sliding sideways due to poor physics and traction mechanics and bumping into a tree branch which causes your vehicle to go into a chaotic exorcist convulsions and landing ALMOST ALWAYS UPSIDE DOWN is another.

    I swear the harasser and flash WANT to be upside down. Its like every time I flip, 90% of the time I end up on my back in those vehicles. I have operated ATVs in REAL LIFE and done some pretty crazy stuff. I have never once FLIPPED in my ATV EVER. Yes I have driving side ways of steep slopes, yes I have taken it off jumps. I have even smacked into rocks on accident. I have never flipped. Why? Because the driver can shift his/her weight to counteract the vehicle's weight.

    As I said before REMOVE AUTO DAMAGE WHEN FLIPPED, BUT KEEP IMPACT DAMAGE WHEN FALLING DISTANCES. Vehicles with roll cages (harasser) should be afforded the opportunity to boost and re-flip to the wheel side. The vehicle is vulnerable when upside down anyway, I don't see a major "advantage". If you are being chased by a lib, your already dead if your upside down.
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  4. dstock

    Totally agreed. The guy you quoted probably doesn't drive enough to experience the real joys of driving on Auraxis, specifically those soft-ball size rocks you expect to clip through, that actually put you into a double-corkscrew tail-whip combo, when you expected absolutely nothing to happen. No sense in removing the fall damage, I'm just so burnt out on hitting pebbles at 20KPH, ending up upside-down, and not having enough speed/momentum/remaining turbo to push the damn thing into a hill or ledge before it explodes. I still die more to terrain than enemy players. As someone with days in a Harasser, someone who mastered corkscrews and barrel rolls before you could adjust your roll midair, I think this is just BS.

    Also, I personally love the challenge of the new(er) front-weighted Harasser, but I've done enough front-flips, back-flips and gainers over the last few months to want to see it changed. Shift the center of balance from front to back just a tiny bit, I think this contributes to the issues people present in this thread. It used to be significantly harder to flip a Harasser end over end, either direction, than it is currently. As an occasional stunt driver, I enjoyed it for awhile, but I no longer feel that way about it. I want to go back to quasi-realistic weight distribution.
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  5. DatVanuMan

    It's the 29-30th century! (Right?)
    Plus, ALL VS vehicles shouldn't flip over! They should hover instead:p
    Plus, make them traverse mountains EASILY. That's the VS way:D
  6. Gleerok


    Its super annoying that Liberators used ramming as a non-suicidal weapon. Every time someone rammed me they weren't even on fire after it. Galaxies, well, not so much of an issue, as they are too slow to actually use that as a weapon but a revamp to physics mechanics would be welcome on that front as well. Dying on touch is not fun
  7. Pikachu

    What to elaborate? Its an annoying event of which there is no feel of satisfaction to avoid or overcome. Some bad events are fun to avoid, others are not. I find this mechanic to be as fun as if standing in a shadow for 5 sec would results in death, it would just be annoying as f. Or the (not) fun of avoiding a mosquito bite in real life.
  8. DoomFruit

    I've flipped Magriders more than once by driving over some shallow ditch. I also managed to make a Sundy backflip once (on a flat road on Esamir, no less), but I don't know how to replicate that awesome feat.
  9. stalkish

    Youd let them live AND retain a job.
    Wow, you must be in a good mood.
  10. Stormsinger

    Random ideas, because reasons.

    Self Righting Systems: Load Yaw (SRSLY)

    ES versions:

    Vanu Sovereignty:

    PPA (Particle Projection Ascender) ... Because the VS need another one.
    Blue squeaky noises / flashes of light that put vehicles upright. Why? Nanites.

    Terran Republic:

    STAHP (Superior Tactics AND Horse Power.)
    Deploy spikes + Engine Revving = upright vehicles, why? Nanites.

    New Conglomerate

    SHELLS (Shotgun Hoist, Extreme Load Lifter Systems)
    Deploys giant shotgun into the offending obstacle. Either the obstacle goes away, or the backblast rights the vehicle, win-win. Why? When has the the NC ever needed a reason for more shotgun?