Please remove spawn in delay for sundy....

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  1. JDS999

    is it me or has it got worse in the past few weeks? i dont know if im trying to blow more sundys up or what i remeber a while ago there used to be a guy maybe 1 in 150 that wouldnt take any damage from spawn in delay. it seems like recently its like 1 in 5 or less. and can be anywhere from 3-20 seconds. what just made me make this post today was a guy spawned in i had my deci ready shoot the sundy, but i decided to shoot him with the deci about a full 2 secs after i seen him, and received no damage and proceeds to turn around and kill be b4 i can switch weapons. my sundy is close i go back and kill him. shoot a deci and anticipate him taking about 2 sec to warp in once i see him. same guy as b4 instantly spawns and kills me in less then a sec(he had no spawn delay this time).. all im saying is something seems to have change lately or i always make the wrong decision about weather to shoot the guy standing still that just warped in or to quickly-blowup the sundy.
  2. Eternaloptimist

    Is this maybe something to do with the Safeguard implant which makes a planetman invulnerable for a sort time after spawning (and can be upgraded) - or lag, or both? Or am I misreading your post?
  3. NXR1

    I believe hes referring to how people who are still on the loading screen are standing there but until they finish loading they cant take damage.
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  4. tommyrocket

    Last time I checked, people don't even appear until they're done loading. Chinese players abuse this crap all the time and they know they're doing it. The biggest key of evidence here is the fact that they can choose when they want to take control. They know you're behind them somehow, even though they should be "loading"? It's not possible for them to see somebody while they're loading. Which would suggest they weren't loading at all. If they turn around and kill someone immediately as they load, that's more likely to be cheating than anything else.
  5. Demigan

    Before this gets out of hand, here's how it works:

    Redeploy from one end of the continent to the other and you hit a loadingscreen. During this time you'll be placed into the world, although you wont be placed there instantly but at some point during the loading.

    Because there were too many players invested in camping a Sunderer and murdering players that couldnt even control their character the devs rightfully added a protection for these players, as long as they havent loaded in they cant be damaged. But this also means they cannot "wait and attack when you are vulnerable" as they immediately become vulnerable upon loading in.

    If you've ever spawned across a continent and had a loadingscreen, after which you spawn in an enemy spawnbunker (because they captured it) or surrounded by enemies while your Sunderer was destroyed, you've just done the exact same thing as those "cheaters".
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