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  1. DarkStarAnubis

    A picture is worth 1000 words:

    Please make the main gun of tanks perfectly capable to hit another tank or similar sized vehicle at distance while adding a minimal dispersion (the red circle) to make hitting a puny infantryman something a tad difficult. Thank you.
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  2. Demigan

    I would rather approach it from the other end: let infantry protect themselves.

    Fields that disrupt vision the farther away you are. A variety of nanite-costing deployable shields. Weapons and abilities that can nerf enemy vehicles such as concussion effects, viruses that infect software and impair the vehicle's function, electrical effects to disrupt electric circuits and chemicals like sticky glue to slow down vehicle movment and turret/thruster movement etc (some of these have great opportunities against infantry as well).

    This way a tank can still murder infantry, but infantry can make it harder to get hit or even absorb hits using deployables. It also makes infantry increasingly useful for combined arms as they can better support their allies without being just another bit of DPS.
  3. JustGotSuspended

    While adding minor methods of deleing with tanks, the deployable is counter intuitive. First off they don't even render past a certain distance, which is why skyshields are still useless against air. But also it means the infantry needs to stay near the deployable for it to work. Unless the protective range of that deployable is huge, this often just makes the infantry an easier target (again, mini skyshields are the perfect example.

    That said it gives me an idea. They should add some sort of skyshield that's like the construction one, to cover bases that have open air points. Tie the shield to a generator which needs to be overloaded. At least this way the thing needs to be disabled first before the A2G farming begins.
  4. RabidIBM

    Don't stand still in the open? Tanks are meant to engage from a distance, as infantry can C4 them if they get close. This means that hitting you is difficult if you are moving and/or using cover effectively.

    I play in tanks a lot, and I don't tend to shoot at infantry because it's not efficient use of my time. I'll have to remind the tankers in my squad not to get tunnel vision on the infantry in front of them, "come on, move on, you won't win the war by shooting 3 infantry, there's tanks and sundys to kill, let's go!"
  5. DarkStarAnubis

    You are using your tank properly. Nothing is more annoying to have fights on Esamir, infantry shooting at each other inside the base perimeter while there are tanks parked on top an hill 1 km away taking pot-shots at leisure.