Please ban this hacking virgin manchild

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  1. zorozeenee

    Character Name: WaitThisGamelsntDishonored
    the "i" in his name is actually an "L"

    This ******** is teleporting underneath the map and knifing people. He is only targetting TR hmmmmm, as if that wasn't enough already.

    He has been reported by my entire platoon multiple times. Here are his stats i pulled on the killboard. This screenshot is only a portion. Check it out for yourself.


  2. Towie

    Even better DBG - why don't you figure out what this guy is using - then ban him and everyone else using it ?

    Instead we get the same old thing, night after night.
  3. OgreMarkX

    After careful consideration and investigation, the Planetside 2 design lead has made the ability to teleport, wall hack and insta gib into a VS specific trait.

    DBG Design Lead:

    "We think it's important to keep Vanu Sovereignty traits as true to lore as possible, therefore we've added this cheat to the VS arsenal. Much like the Canis increased hitbox detection weapon attachment, we like to leverage existing hacks to enhance the VS."

    When asked what faction specific traits would be added to NC and TR, the design lead admitted he had forgotten that the other factions existed for the majority of this design and development phase, but in the last few days the team was able to add some. The design lead explained:

    "For NC, we added 10 (ten) to their personal shields to reflect their tankiness. We've also added a random shield malfunction feature when using their personal shields, if it triggers (99% chance), all friendlies with 100 meters die and weapons lock is enabled. You see, the design lead added, we know it's important to add downsides to upsides for factions that aren't the VS. It's In The Design (tm)."

    For TR, we've increased their infantry hitbox by 100 and added a lock-down/spin-up mechanic to their movement. This makes them easier to hit, which is somehow a benefit to them. I dunno, lol. Now, a TR player will need to first lock down for 5 minutes, then enjoy a 3 minute spin up period (very much like Wiley Coyote preparing to run) before they enjoy their faction specific trait of being the fastest 1 mph.

    The Design lead added: "We're going to roll this out to live servers after a disastrous, poorly planned and bug infested series of Agile/Scrum developer/project mgmt processes. We're pretty sure the servers will be screwed for only 3 or 4 days, and the resulting bugs will never be fixed, only added to in our next release 9 months from now, on a Friday night."

    Ya. Sounds about right.
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  4. zorozeenee

  5. Scatterblak

    Even though the guy hacking was NC?
    #ReadingIsHard, I guess. #Embarrassing. For you.
  6. CapEnTrade

    Zoro, you should write this report as a letter to santa as what you want for Christmas, there's nobody at daybreak to get it.
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  7. Beerbeerbeer

    That’s damn right. Since this game is being written off by everyone and no one wants to support it, it’s a hacking/exploiting free-for-all. Team kill, be an ****, yell trash in chat, exploit and game-file manipulate to your heart’s f u c k i n g content.
  8. Scatterblak

    Check his VS alt -- 40+K/D.

  9. ObiVanuKenobi


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