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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Styrkr, Jan 16, 2014.

  1. Styrkr

    Over the past month, I have notice almost all civility on Waterson, Matherson, and the Test Server go right out the window. I've seen players hiding in walls, saying unflattering things about my mother, and 1HK my Prowler with a Viper Lightning. I report as many CoC violations as I can, but it seems in vain as these players do the same thing to me again the next few hours, days, and weeks.
    The game is in desperate need of in-game moderators! And not only people with visible titles, but "undercover" one too. As I say about drivers irl, if they see a cop, they're going to stop doing anything that could get them in trouble. Once the authority figure is away, they just resume all those misdeeds. The real way to deter people from breaking rules is to not have them know who the "cops" are. If you break the rules, you could get busted by potentially anyone! Maybe the Platoon Lead is a mod. Maybe it's that noob who keeps trying to bull-rush that enemy Max. Maybe it's the pilot you just cheated against. Point is, if anyone could be a mod, then you are more likely to not try anything.
    That, coupled with the fact that a mod could instaban on the spot, I think people will clean up their act pretty quickly.

    Now you may think that people aren't acting as poorly as I say. That's fine, but having some mods in-game can't hurt, right? Who knows, maybe tomorrow you'll have an enemy who has figured out how to lob grenades into your spawn and will be begging for a moderator!

    So please SOE, consider getting some moderators in-game. Thanks.
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  2. MasonSTL

    Yeah but the ignore feature works better and faster than; sending a report, waiting for the Mod to see if their really is a problem, assess, send a warning tell, assess, ban.
  3. Jonesing25

    yeah because /ignore deals with the problems where people are shooting into spawn rooms or hiding inside floors/walls
  4. Styrkr

    You are very right. However, the "Ignore" feature doesn't help against; teamkillers, clipping, glitch abusing, and the infrequent (but more and more common) aimbots and other code injections. :)
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  5. Goden

    Just a little heads up, /report does nothing. I have /reported players only to try and /report them again over a week later and it says I still have an on-going report which hasn't been looked at by moderators yet. This never used to happen so I assume they don't have anyone staffing this anymore. (There also isn't any GM's reporting into servers anymore. I assume they were part of the layoffs)

    If you want to see actual action taken on your reports then you have to file a support ticket.
  6. bPostal

    That's just part of being on the internet. Especially in a F2P game where anyone can set up an account in seconds just to troll.
  7. Styrkr

    I heard a rumor that SOE does MAC banning.
  8. Pirbi

    There are some obnoxious people in the game. People being people and this game having lots of them. Ignoring them usually works. SOE can deal with the worst ones. But I'm sure they deal with a lot of nonsense and false reports too.
  9. bPostal

    Add a few seconds then to spoof a new MAC then.
  10. Styrkr

    That's why you should have to use your driver's license or non-drivers ID to access the internet. Then you can control age groups, kill cheating in games, and then the NSA doesn't have to watch your "midnight activities". But that's another topic.
  11. bPostal

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  12. NC_agent00kevin

    MAC bans and hardware bans are easily circumvented. The only bans that stick are player bans themselves, and cannot be circumvented (in most cases). As a F2P game not requiring a CC to register, that wont work either.

    As far as player bans, I went rounds with a guy called T-69 in Far Cry 2 who was somehow able to circumvent player bans as well. Punkbuster had him banned, yet the guy was able to log in to any server he pleased.

    I eventually wound up making his name a forbidden 'curse word' so that he could at least never play there under his real name - which he was proud of; being able to circumvent all the previous bans.

    A week later he was DDOS'ing my servers. That may be due in part to me taunting him by naming my servers something very unflattering like ' T-69 is a b****'. ;)