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  1. ChampagneDragon

    Great post.

    A few things I would add:

    1. The ability to set multiple waypoints. As stated above, I often want to split my platoon into different objectives. Or, I'll have a specific plan of attack, and having to change the PL wp on the fly is difficult.

    2. LOVE the idea of having a "second in command"! Now that the hex crash has been fixed it might not be quite as big of a deal, but there have been times when I have crashed and come back on simply to be sure my platoon has been properly passed off.

    3. Ability to draw battle plans on the map. On PS1 this was a command rank function I used often. I can see it being even more useful in PS2. Honestly, in all the artifacts already on the map certain things get lost. Give me a big red/blue/purple crayon and they'll see them. I guarantee it ;)
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  2. dstock

    1) Totally Agreed. I think the idea is that the Platoon Leader decides what to do, and its up to the SL to update and stay on top. I don't think squad-specific waypoint setting should fall to the platoon leader, but the PL should be able to check and make sure everyone is on point. (I'm fully supporting your second suggestion, letting PL see what the squad has set.)

    2) Disagreed, I don't want multiple smoke signals to confuse people, pilots etc. What I'd like to see instead is the ability for squad members to open their map or maybe use the spot-wheel function to "ping" a location to bring it to their leader's attention. Likewise, give SL the same function to help the platoon leader. Think about an RTS game where you play with a teammate, and you can put a little "look here" marker on your ally's mini-map. I fully support the intention, I just don't think we should rely entirely on the bugged smoke signals.

    3) Agreed, this bug is annoying and didn't make it into my initial post. Can't count the number of times I've been ready to fly on one continent, join a squad labled "Esamir Air Squad," and everyone is in tanks on Indar >_>

    4) As long as they keep it small. It would obviously help indoors and what-not, but I don't want to exacerbate the clutter. A functional mini-map zoom would do wonders here.

    We can hope!

    Thanks to everyone for the feedback, keep it coming!
  3. Fbwhytee

    I can see where you are coming from, I like that squad leaders have to take a little control for themselves, but the control is of the squad members, rather than the squad itself. Its the chain of command I would like to see to create an organised and effective attack force, PL controls the SL, SL controls the squad members. For example if attacking a base, I would just like to be able to put down different waypoints for different squads, quickly and easily doing it myself rather than having to explain to each SL where to go and what to do, and then let the SL decide on how best to use his squad to assault that position. Having squads almost free of central command leads to squads being somewhat disorganized especially when you have a squad leaders who lack experience (which is often the case, not everyone is able to quickly grasp the difficulties associated with leading).

    Good point, I agree. Didn't think of it that way, but yeah I guess smoke all over the place would hinder more than it would help. I'm on board with the 'ping' idea, It adds to minimap clutter I guess but I believe that multiple minimap zoom levels is a feature in the upcoming patch so that's fine.

    Yeah I agree on it being small. I should have emphasized that in my first post, I wouldn't want it to be visible much further than 150-200m - use the squad waypoint to direct people to the general area, and then the squad objective to direct them to whatever you need your squad to attack or defend. Also regarding the mini-map, like said above, I believe it is in the upcoming changes shown here, plus a bunch of other nice stuff (such as customizable colors for squads).

    Edit: One more thing I have started to notice, and it is making me sad;

    I know a bunch of experienced leaders. These people have played and lead squads and platoons almost every day, and I must say, doing a maghty fine job of it too. But more recently these same people have been refusing to lead, or when they do lead, they are doing it grudgingly. I even found myself in the same position, and I asked myself 'why?'. My answer was simple. There is no incentive to lead a squad or platoon. The novelty of taking a base due to good leadership wears off after you have a few thousand victories under the belt. It slowly turns from something that used to be fun, into a frustration that you just no longer want to participate in. The amount of management required on the PL and SL's part to successfully lead a platoon to victory can often be overwhelming, yet there is virtually no reward to the PL and SL's for accomplishing anything at all.

    There desperately needs to be some sort of 'command exp' bonus for when your squad/platoon succeed in defending or attacking an objective, and the PL and SL's getting a nice little reward when their orders are followed. This could tie in nicely with the squad objective function too.

    I just hate to see good leaders become uninterested in leading because it eventually becomes frustrating and unrewarding.
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    Wheres the delete button? :p
  5. Takoita

    This issue needs work. Outfit and squad management is a big pain in the rear end.
  6. Rtwpygbzstpqacihfd

    Most of these issues are still around, and its July 2014.
  7. Scr1nRusher



    Why not make a NEW thread about these issues instead of nercoing?
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