PlanetSide2.exe has stopped working every 10-20 min.

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by xoxoMihawk, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. xoxoMihawk

    I checked the support knowledge base and from what I saw the problem seems to be that the folder I have PS2 installed on is set read only. Now after countless hours of searching through the internet I have found no solution to making the folder Not read only, in fact what I found is that even Microsoft admits its a known issue. I know SOE are really great about listening to their fan base and I would really like to make fixing this problem a priority for them since changing the folder to not read only is pretty much impossible unless you're some sort of computer expert.
  2. Ultramarine

    >_> right click on the folder in C/users/public called sony online entertainment, uncheck read only, click apply. That should make the changes you're asking for but i have no idea if that will impact the crashing problem at all.
  3. Cuchilain

    Sarcastic response unnecessary. After changing the properties and unmarking read only, the computer will bring up a progress bar, complete the task. Opening properties again will show that it is still read only, because of magic fairy farts.
  4. Exchequer

    I doubt it matters if your folder is read only or not... The game will never change the name of your folder:D.

    You could check the individual files ;) .
  5. Ultramarine

    Sarcastic response not provided, I did it, it worked, crashes stopped. I have no idea what problem you're having. However, I have an idea. If you reinstall the game in a different location on the hard disk it may fix your problem if its windows reapplying a read only setting. Perhaps the user directory defaults to read only? Also, you can set it to set every folder and file beneath it to read only by making the change in the entire directory, so setting the folder to open sets every file at once
  6. Aecilon

    Has SOE given a response to this issue yet? It makes the game practically unplayable.
  7. TSR-Jesse S Customer Service

    From the sounds of things your crashing is stemming from insufficient memory or the memory isn't allocating properly. Can you provide me with the following information?

    OS & Service Pack:
    Video Memory:
    Video Card:
    Video Driver Version:
    Sound Card:

  8. Aecilon

    32bit Windows 7 SP 1
    AMD Athlon II X4 640 3.0GHZ
    2 x Radeon 5770HD Crossfire
    8.982 (Catalyst 12.8)
    onboard Realtek ALC888
  9. Andorion

    Hey Jesse, this sounds like the same problem reported by many people in this thread:

    TSR_Bil-G gave a response on page 1 which basically says "Planetside 2 needs 4 gigs ram and 32-bit OSs only support 3, so that's the problem" and neither addresses the problem nor is correct, since plenty of people with 64 bit windows and over 8 gigs of ram are getting the same crash. I posted my full outofmemory.txt file which is created when the game crashes on page 8 of that thread as well.

    Can you or someone else *please* give us a response which indicates you acknowledge this is a problem many of your customers are encountering, that it has nothing to do with their general system specs or driver versions (read through the thread, people with every sort of machine have reported it) and that something is being done to identify the root cause and fix it?

    Thanks in advance!
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  10. IshanDeston

    There is the culprit. Every 32bit user, including myself, is running out of Memory every 30 minutes or so. Sometimes if its a quite hour its an hour. But everyone i asked and that has a 32 bit system has the same problem.

    I got 4GB Ram, i am well over the cap of a 32 bit system and i am running out of memory every time.
  11. Kaelshazar

    I actually got an interesting error report from Windows yesterday saying that if PS2 was made to be Data Execution Prevention compatible it may solve memory issues. Its a feature in windows that will allow any amount of memory to be used by any .exe file you put on the exception list. Mind you, this could cause your PC to crash because of lack of memory for anything else and thus going back to the "need more memory" argument.

    Can anyone confirm or deny of this actually might work?
  12. Cuchilain

    check it out, its a scam! lol. SOE is in cahoots with the hardware industry! we were given a taste and now we are addicted to the game, so we have to do upgrades to our mobos and the core elements of our PCs. its drug dealer tactics. i gotta have my fix.
  13. JojoTheSlayer

    Check the blue sig link.
    Might help you. Just make sure you dont go out of bounds like the guy in the thread. I actually assume hes problem isnt related to the trick though.

    Yeah and if it works for you bumping that thread would be nice and might help others as well.
  14. Andorion

    Please stop saying this, 32 bit Windows isn't the culprit. First of all, if everyone with 32 bit windows had this issue I guarantee you there would be more noise since half the player base wouldn't be able to play. Second, look at the thread I linked above, there are numerous, numerous examples of people with 64 bit windows and over 4 gigs of ram having the same issues:

  15. IshanDeston

    Minimum requirements for this game are 4GB Ram. A 32bit system doesn't have that much available. Ever.
  16. MaelstromSOB

    theres very poor memory usage and release in this game as well as memory leaks the likes of which noah would build another ark for.

    poor coding,premature release,and no follow through
  17. Andorion

    I'm not sure why you would post this, do you think you're adding something to the discussion or just being snarky? Scroll up and read my above post, and check out this thread to find many dozens of posters who have 64 bit windows with over 4 gigs of ram and have the same issue. I understand how memory limits in 32-bit and 64-bit OSs work, but the following evidence clearly indicates that's not the issue:

    1) If every 32-bit windows user was crashing out after 20 minutes of gameplay there would be more people reporting it, so clearly some people using 32-bit windows are not having this problem
    2) Many people using 64-bit windows with over 4g of ram are reporting the same problem
    3) If you look at the outofmemory.txt file I linked in the thread above, it looks like all game objects allocated amount to 500MB of memory, nowhere near a limit imposed by windows

    I'm still waiting for someone from SOE to acknowledge these intermittent crashes, let alone start working on them or better yet offer a solution.
  18. Veratu SOE

    It has been acknowledged, numerous times. If you want to track the history of SOE posters, use the SOE Post Tracker at the top of the page. It's a known issue with memory exhaustion and is continually being worked on. 32 bit systems are impacted far more than 64 bit ones, and although the symptoms may look to be the same in reality they are different kinds of crashing.

    32 bit systems suffer from address space constraints. There are work arounds on the forums for using Large Address Space that has worked for many people, but that's not an officially supported method, but it usually works and will get people in the game longer until a client fix can be deployed.
  19. TDXUK

    He is correct with the 32bit and ram though, you can't deny that. Although it seems some people still get the problem with 64bit installed, perhaps they have an issue with there ram/some other problem or your correct and it has nothing to with it.

    I originally had this problem and have since fixed it which you can see in the post you have linked to, page 6 i think, maybe 7.
    Anyway, i have since recreated the error and can do so again I'm sure.
    As i had a fresh 64bit system i decided to re-install windows 7 32 bit and i ended up with the same problem as before, "ps2 has stopped working" every 10-30mins. I then re-installed windows 7 64bit and everything was fine. Couple this with the time before where i accidentally re-installed 32bit with my regular clean out in the middle of beta and you get the picture.

    I'm sure its not a fix to everyone's issue, but i would hazard a guess that it would fix quite a few.

    Edit: What matey above said ^^^
  20. Andorion

    Thanks matey, for the info and the link.. and thanks TDXUK =)

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