[Suggestion] Planetside 3(Recode)

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  1. Greiztoph

    This was a large document that I had autistically (I am Autistic) put together during a really boring time at work last year. I've been chipping away at it ever since, however I just don't have the energy to do anymore with it. This is copied over from my main account since I don't need people emailing that one.

    Without further ado I present what could be possible with a complete recode of the entire game. This was a lot of work even in its unfinished state.
  2. DarkStarAnubis

    Thanks for your efforts - it is clear you put a lot of work into it. But there is a fundamental aspect you have not taken in account and that aspect affects the game more than anything else: Balance.

    That is the sad reason why 99% of the weapons are copy-paste of each other and are constantly tinkered to avoid to have a single weapon (hence a faction) towering on the others.

    The moment you start to define weapon traits or characteristics according a specific faction, you must be sure those traits do not
    make the faction neither too powerful nor too weak compared to others.

    So if you say "Faction A has weapons with lower damage but higher rate of fire whereas Faction B has weapons with higher damage but lower rate of fire" you have already created a serious imbalance: in close quarter combat, spray-and-pray, indoor scenarios will see Faction A emerging victorious most of the times against Faction B due to the nature of those weapons.