PLANETSIDE 3: avoid the problems of PS2

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  1. elkikko92

    I read that Planetside 3 is in development; they have said is more big than planetside 2.
    In my opinion this is not a very good idea: Planetside 2 has a lot of problems BECOUSE it has a very spread large battlefield. To fix this, they implemented LATTICE, a bad idea for me, becouse it destroy strategy.
    Before creating Planetside 3, please: THINK ALL THE PROBLEMS HAS PLANETSIDE 2!

    Sorry for english
  2. Andy04

    They could not get Planetside 2 right after all these years SO Many bad design choices and changes and so on and on and on it's been a horrible development practice, Then Churn out an Arena Mess which is a complete Joke and there is no doubt in my mind that they well turn these new assets into planetside 3. this team is incapable of creating a good Planetside 3 experiance.
  3. Liewec123

    PS3 (atleast how they describe it in the recent producers letter) will never happen,
    galactic warfare? yeah that isn't coming from DBG, they tried releasing a barebones miniaturised version of PS2 as a BR
    and it broke the company, and that was what happened when they made PS2 smaller...
    imagine them trying to upscale PS2 a thousand fold?

    also if it is set after PS:A then we won't have the triple faction warfare, which is one of my favourite things about this game.

    everything was great until a few years ago, after that it just seemed to be a step backwards every patch,
    with the occasional gem (like DX11) mixed in.
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  4. Demigan

    Under the HEX system you could attack any base you wanted. Zergs were unstoppable mobs that could simply attack another base if they hit a strongly defended base, making defense practically impossible unless you were defending the direct base the zerg was going for. In the meantime the best method to counter them was by ghostcapping and avoiding combat altogether, just capturing point after point and moving on in the hopes people wouldnt redeploy there and recap. The people reacting to ghost caps had no way of really knowing where the opponent was or if they were on their way out to the next base. In military jargon this is what is called a "clusterfck". Strategy or tactics are almost non-existant in that scenario.
    The lattice system isnt perfect and has many drawbacks that could be reduced, but its tactical and stragetical value is a hundred times higher if only because tactical defense is an actual option, instead of the defensive method being redeployside to crush attacker resistance and move on.

    And that in itself is a problem for PS3. If the playerbase already has the idea that blatantly inferior options are actually better then how are they going to ever please enough players?

    If you want strategy to be more important then an expanded lattice system is the way to go. For example by reducing the amount of lattice-links and allowing players to build or activate lattice-links themselves. We have those radio antennae all across the continents, allowing players to capture and power them, reinforce them with player made bases in order to open up new routes to other bases would be a great tactical tool. Additionally such lattice generators could function as logistical points. With reduced redeploy methods these points would teleport players and vehicles around giving these points a stragetic and tactical value to hold for your empire.
    This also helps with the early open continents during the unstable warpgate period. Players could be allowed to forge new lattice lines and capture territory, allowing them to mutate the frontlines before the continent stabilizes.

    The game would also need to expand its variety. With how continents are laid out most people will see the lionshare of their battles at the same frontline bases, and then they see another base it is likely fighting with/against a zerg without a good fight. By switching where the warpgates and starter-frontlines are located people will see a much wider variety of bases.
    Currently all capture mechanics are king-of-the-hill, but other methods of capture could easily expand the variety of the base captures and those capture methods could randomly swap out for each base whenever a continent opens. Various CTF modes, some CTF modes that would be unique to PS2/3. Some VIP capture methods etc.
  5. ican'taim

    I'd like to see the LLU make a return to ps2. It's getting old just walking to a point, waiting for it to magically change colors, and and fend off 40+ people in a tiny room.
  6. JibbaJabba

    All other problems can be corrected by later changes in design through major patches or similar.

    The one thing to get right on day one: No more free to play. Make it cost *something*. I don't care if it's a dollar. But make new players get a payment form registered (to help generate revenue later), and make cheaters/hackers have to pay a price when they are banned.
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  7. ican'taim

    Agreed, it would also prevent (or at least be a deterrent) the 12 year old fortnite crowd from ruining the game. (so we won't have a PS3 version of CAI)
  8. TRspy007

    As much as I want Planetside 3 to happen and succeed, I'd be surprised if planetside 3 released. I'd start believing in god if it actually released polished and successful .
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