PlanetSide 2: Spray and Pray vs NC.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by JojoTheSlayer, Dec 4, 2012.

  1. Athessu

    Now I know i'm being picky..but since when have the NC shotguns been considered the best ones? And since when have shotguns not been massively niche and used rarely for a reason?

    What you're saying is almost literally "NC are balanced because shotguns", I counter that with "TR are unbalanced because kumquat".
  2. Zaik

    I am not sure that using the rocket launcher to kill a TR dumb enough to use the MCG should be labelled "skill".

    And look, that guy has the underslung model. Obvious hacker.
  3. DeathFaith

    damn i thouht you captured footage of me in my TR max ...
  4. Monnor

    TR have luck. All these bullets cost almost nothing .
  5. DeadlyShoe

    The TR shoulda got extended mag on his minigun. newb.
  6. korpisoturi

    lol yeh thinking instantly the same thing ,in PS2 all that "spray and pray" would have been landed to russels chest and head.
  7. korpisoturi

    carv and trac-5, both too fast strong and accurate with ZERO downsights.
  8. Dark_Horst

    if the NC are supposed to be the QQ faction, why is it that terrans always obliterate them face to face? it doesnt matter if the nc hits first. it doesnt matter if the nc keeps hitting. the terran will turn around (if he'S not already facing the nc), spray for half a second and the nc will be dead. becasue as soon as the terran starts hitting, the nc will be bucked completely off target, while the terran will have no problem hitting since he has no recoil and no spread.

    that is only one example of the weapon handling problem. there are many more.
  9. nuclearunicorn

    We should totally make Kurt Russell our mascot....Cuz you know, he was in that one movie that was kind of like this
  10. JojoTheSlayer

    Yeah, you mean PlanetSide 2: The Movie, which its trailer is linked to in my sig, right?
    Its awesome... :p
  11. siiix

    well i gut my self that spray and pray chain gun.. and so in that guy i can sustain constant high power fire for maybe a minute 200 bullets , and fats reaload , but dam that thing hit everything except the enemies :)

    i'm near always dead in the end with usually no kill... its awesome *sarcasm

    i'm TR BTW