PlanetSide 2: Live action movie [Confirmed]

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  1. JojoTheSlayer

    Kurt Russell plays the leader of the New Conglomerate in their fight against the Terran Republic. Taking him from the deserts of Indar, through the snowy mountains of Esamir and to the moon itself to conquer the suppressive Terran Republic.

    Sock it TR. We have Kurt. Who do you have... Santa? LoL :p
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  2. BardTale

    Such a tame representation. Now for some Terran Republic propaganda!

    Would you like to know more?
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  3. TheBloodEagle


    Man, I gotta watch that movie again.
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  4. JojoTheSlayer

    That video [Starship troopers] you linked to was as metro sexual as the VS.
    Do I want to know more about what you SM guys seemingly do in the showers? LoL, of course not.

    NC are manly men. Men in Combat.
    Not fancy pants, soap dropping guys dressed in S&M getup like you lot... :p
  5. TheShotgun

    This is tr propaganda at its finest but hey at least it prepares them
    for harsh reality. (they are going to die.... A LOT)
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  6. MidnightStranger

    Us TR have S0jooman, look *******... if you really say you NC are pro's, why not do what that guy did? losers, all you have is a Chuck Norris rip-off hahaha, pathetic :)
  7. MidnightStranger

    oh and by the way, hitler joined the NC. meaning if the TR were to be beaten and killed along with the Intelligent spandex ****, wouldn't you even be left with nothing but NC praising Fascist oligarchy!? lol, my point exactly...
  8. MidnightStranger

    and one more thing noob *** COD KID :)
  9. Liquidrider

    Eh I feel this is a better representation of the live action Planetside 2 movie

    Take a wild guess who plays the Vanu.
  10. Krayus_Korianis

    Service does guarantee citizenship.
  11. Codex561

    Who is this guy?! :eek:
  12. bPostal

    "See you in the cockpit!"

    Gotta badonkadonk like a VS infiltrator.