Planetside 2 is not taking my screenshots

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Netsurfer733, Dec 1, 2012.

  1. Netsurfer733

    I Google'd and Google'd for this, and no luck.

    I can't seem to find my Planetside 2 screenshot's. For Windows 7, I hear they should be in Users/Public/Sony Online Entertainment/Installed Games/ Planetside 2/ImageCaptureOutput ...but I don't see /ImageCaptureOutput. There's no such file in there.

    Does anyone know why it's not taking my screenshots? What can I do to make them work?

    PS-Also why does it say my memory is exceeded or what not for video capturing if I have hundreds of GB left on my computer?
  2. OldMaster80

    Confirmed, currently the only way to take screenshots is using external programs like Fraps or pressing Print then copying to Paint :confused:
  3. D0n

    Yup, the screenshot folder is gone, I cannot find it.

    Too bad, had some great ones yesterday.
  4. Netsurfer733

    That's...pretty damned terrible o.o

    What about the video-taking feature? Anyone know why it says my memory is exceeded or what not, even after I've deleted all of my videos? Any fixes?

    PS-Is it just me or is this like, one of the slickest forums I've ever seen? o_O
  5. Freyar

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  6. Netsurfer733

    Steam screenshots...brilliant! Maybe I'll download it on Steam after all, too.

    But as for otherwise...I guess we're just stuck waiting for a patch to be able to use these things :( Oh well...this game released with a hell of a bang, and I'd take that over screenshot's/video recording any day.
  7. Freyar

    FRAPS may work just fine as well.
  8. Blitzkrieg

    Ok guys this is how you get screenshots:

    • Go to your keybindings,
    • In the general keybinds scroll down to 'StartImageCapture' the default is ctrl+F12.
    • Change it to Print Screen.
    • Take many pictures
    • Go to the Planetside 2 folder
    • There will be a new folder called 'ImageCaptureOutput'
    • Go in there and enjoy your screenshots.
    Hope this helped.
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  9. Netsurfer733

    Good lord it worked!!!! Thank you sir!!
  10. chickenlover

    This is annoying I just tried to take a screen shot of some Enclave member cheating(he was killing everyone while under the world) and now I don't have a screen shot as proof.
  11. Blitzkrieg

    You're welcome.
  12. CHDT65

    It doesn't work for me.

    It always capture my windows starting screen !

    Any tips ?
  13. Bryce117

    doesn't work any more. :( help?
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  14. Jezs

    Memory =/= HDD space

    The ingame recorder stores a certain amount of it in RAM before copying it over to the HDD, you don't have enough free RAM for it to do that. Quality on the ingame recorder is terrible anyway though.
  15. Blitzkrieg

    Interesting, just checked my keybinds, they've reset. However my screenshot key isn't bound, yet I took 2 screenshots which went to my folder. So i'm stuck as well on this one.
  16. Bryce117

    I don't even have a folder :(
  17. LibertyRevolution

    The folder is in C:\Users\YOURNAMEHERE\Pictures\Planetside2 on windows 7.


    You can make it put them where ever you want if you edit the field in useroptions.ini
  18. LibertyRevolution

    In your user option ini, bump it up to 3. I will record in 1024x576.

    I then take that file and dump it into autoGK and upscale it to 1360x720 while converting it to xvid at 100% quality single pass.
    File size is about 120MB per 1min of video at this settings.

    Looks like this:

    Running FRAPS with PS2 decimates my framerate, so this is my workaround.
    No it will never be as good as recording in fullscreen res at 60fps.. but my rig can't do that on ps2..
  19. Travelman00

    I cannot take screenshots..tried everything.
  20. Jakkar

    Nor I. Still can't take a single shot using any technique.

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