Planetside 2 Crash to Desktop (Random)

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  1. Pandora's Lunchbox

    I have trawled the internet (I still am searching) for something like my problem, but it seems to be a somewhat unique case; albeit shared between a friend and I.

    My system information is as folows;
    Windows 7 x64(bit)
    AMD Sapphire Radeon HD 7700 Series 1gb DDR3
    AMD Athlon II x2 (Dual Core) 250 3.GH
    8gb Corsair
    5.36gb (last checked accesible RAM)

    Before anyone comments about my specifications, I am aware my CPU is weak - especially in comparison to standard entry-level CPUs available now. I also know my graphics card isn't anything remarkable. The fact is, however, that my PC was able to handle the 64bit version of Planetside 2 very smoothly and efficiently BEFORE the Valkyrie update. I have made no hardware OR software alterations since then.

    I stopped using the 64bit version of Planetside 2 shortly after the next few updates that followed the Valkyrie update, because with each one, my screen freezing issue appeared to grow even worse - and I mean screen freezing - every second for at least five seconds. Some user input was still registered, but even typing was rendered near-impossible. Though it seemed to be worse the more players were in a region with me, it has nothing to do with my connection (as proven by the next part of my little story).

    So I did a quick search online after hearing from friends that it was possible to force the game to open in its 32bit version; i.e;
    1) Locate the files;
    > 'Planetside 2_x64.exe'
    > 'Planetside 2_x86.exe'
    2) Open the Launchpad.
    3) Rename the file 'Planetside2_x64.exe' to anything else, retaining its original extension.
    4) Rename the file 'Planetside 2_x86.exe' to 'Planetside2_x64.exe'.
    5) Return to the opened Launchpad and play as normal.
    [Repeat] Make sure to rename both files to their original names, otherwise opening the Launchpad next time will cause the program to redownload both of them.

    I later found a [.bat] file to do this for me.

    I continue to use the 32bit version because doing so has erased any issues for me with screen freeze - there is none. As for the explanantion for that, well, I have yet to find one. Personally I blame SOE - not my system - because the normal game version used to work fine. I have contacted them and they asked about my ISP information and modem information, which I can see is irrelevant because my connection is more than fast enough and stable enough to play this game without related issues. I basically never lag.

    While using the 32bit version, however, I have noticed that it is prone to crashing to the desktop without giving me any error information of any kind. I have even witnessed this happening whilst my Task Manager was open in Processes - all the processes associated with Planetside 2 disappeared instantly, as if I had ended them all, simultaneously. I have progressively found that this is a recurring event when I use the 32bit version - my friend describes exactly the same issues. The game will crash, normally, after around one to two hours of gameplay - but I have played it a couple of times for little over five to ten minutes and had it crash on me.

    I am done with attempting to locate a fix for my screen freeze in the 64bit version - as far as I'm concerned, neither of these issues arose because of my own actions; this is entirely SOE's fault. SOE asked for system diagnostics and connection information to their servers to try and identify the problem - it didn't work. They targetted my connection, even though it hasn't changed since the game worked fine for me in the 64bit version - and the amount of time I'm talking here is months, which is obviously long enough for me to notice any flaws like screen freeze. No, instead, now, I wonder about a way to fix my issues with 32bit version - which, might I add, is indescribably more stable than the latter. It plays otherwise as it should do.

    Everywhere I look, I end up reading some old forum with solutions to crashes with Planetside 2 on Windows 7 x32 - all basically say to increase 'bcdedit' a bit through the Command Prompt to give the game access to more memory. Inaccessible memory is apparently the most common cause there - I understand - but my system is Windows 7 x64; so I shouldn't encounter inaccessble memory issues, right?

    So now I'm stumped. Unless, somehow, the 32bit version of the game limits itself for memory access, I don't know what to think. I definitely do need help with this. I'm sure I'm not the only one experiencing problems like this, either. Planetside could be a great game if it was just carefully made with focus in the right places (adding a flying coffin doesn't excuse a black 'red dot sight', for instance). Since I can't find a fix for my 64bit version, I'm hoping to fix my 32bit version issues.

    Any input is appreciated, but please, let's steer away from pointing out that my system isn't too strong - because it is powerful enough to run Planetside 2 (even according to the technical assistant from SOE).

  2. SunnZ

    This is EXACTLY my problem as well !!!:eek:

    1) Windows 7 64-bit. Valky update, everything went to hell.
    2) 64bit client unplayable (powerpoint slideshow), tried everything EVERYTHING nothing really worked.
    3) Forced 32bit client playable but crashing to dektop all the time. But 32 bit client is lready large adress aware, so LAA software changed nothing.

    I don't see 64 bit client beeing fixed anytime soon (been waiting for 1/2 year), so my attention has been diverted to 32 bit client.
    But the big question is WHAT IS CAUSING 32 BIT GAME CLIENT TO CRASH ON 64 BIT OS?

    I believe it would have been a much easier and faster fix, if only devs just took a lil look at it.

    We just want to ******* play normally again... and i'm talking about 2/3 of the community beeing affected, many severely enough to stop playing!

    Same here. But my problem is memory :/ I have 4gb on a 32-bit system. And the thing is, I crash every time I get out of the warp gate
  4. Pandora's Lunchbox

    I really feel for you, ANAN. This isn't an easy game to get running, properly with specifications close to their minimum sets. Hopefully, with Daybreak becoming the new title owner, we might see better management of the bugs and flaws that we experience in-game - this is over two years after full-release, after all.

    At any rate, the last few updates as of this post date seem to have eradicated any issue with system stability that I have experienced; I can not say the same for others, unfortunately. Having said that, I have also, recently, made some adjustments to my graphics set-up in-game;

    > Pre-set 'Medium' selected.
    > Rendering distance set to 500.
    > 'Smoothing' option enabled (ticked).
    > 'Fog Shadows' option disabled (un-ticked).
    > 'Ambient Occlusion' option disabled (un-ticked).
    > 'Bloom Enabled' option disabled (un-ticked).
    > 'Wide View Mode' option disabled (un-ticked).
    > 'Vertical Sync' option disabled (un-ticked).
    > 'Vertical Field of View' set to 74.
    > 'Display Mode' 'Full Screen' selected.
    > 'Resolution' '1024x768' selected.
    > 'Render Quality' set to 100%.

    The resolution option that I have selected is the lowest-quality that is available. My desktop recommended resolution is '1360x768' - which, as it happens, is the resolution I had my game set to use before I had made these adjustments. Let me tell you...the difference that this has made has been astounding. While my graphics card is definitely able to support that resolution setting, the same can't be said about my weak CPU (at least when we talk about video-games). Until I bring myself to find a replacement CPU, this is the resolution I will be using. Unfortunately, it does mean that everything on my screen is somewhat bigger and makes it seem a bit more cluttered - but I feel there are a few steps we can take to avoid being blinded by an enormous mini-map.

    Of course, we are still unable to remove particular aspects of the HUD - which would be amazingly helpful - and we are still unable to widen our horizontal field of view. What we can do is increase our vertical field of view so that we can see more things up and down - with my current settings (above), this actually makes little difference, if you're adjusting from the minimum setting.

    If you still feel that your system is struggling with these settings, then it is time to consider lowering the quality of the pre-set graphics setting that you have selected, if you've followed me so far. You need only hit the things that are heavy on the CPU - you're talking 'Particles', 'Textures', 'Lighting' and 'Shadow'. The lighting and shadow options are the easiest to handle - switching them off will make your game somewhat 'uglier', but it should at least free up some valuable power. In other words, it is best to gradually decrease the settings qualities to find a 'sweet spot'.

    I really wish DGC would fix whatever issue it was that they had encountered with the 'Motion blur' setting. I, for one, really loved this feature as, for me, anyway, it gave the game a little realism and even hid some of the lacking FPS in certain situations - the game suited it. Now, unless the glitch has been amended, we could still activate the motion blur system - but it requires using the 'Ultra' pre-set - if you want to see it, park yourself in an empty region.

    At any rate, there is little more to do in order to boost your system performance with the game; beyond investing in better technology.