PlanetSide 2: Attack on Tawrich Recycling as NC

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Bobaflay, Nov 22, 2013.

  1. Bobaflay

    Watch in Full 1080p HD
  2. RobotNinja

    That was a full minute and a half of you trying to spawncamp outside of a base that was already short on its cap timer and killing what appeared to be the one single guy that was there.

    I's not even golf clap worthy.
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  3. RHINO_Mk.II

    Hey, what were you expecting from someone with 3 signatures all below 0.45 K/D?
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  4. Necron

    Trying to generate youtube hits for the monies I would guess. That WAS a pretty uninspired clip. When it was over the first thing that popped into my head was: and?
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  5. RobotNinja

    If Bobaflay would put together montages of himself dying repeatedly in hilarious ways I might actually subscribe to that.
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  6. RobotNinja

    Flipping patties at Burger King for an hour would probably net exponentially more cash than youtube ad moniez will in this case.
  7. Liquid23

    the more relevant thing is the actual BR of those 3 characters... 18, 7 and 5...
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  8. DashRendar

    I think it's Buzz trolling us again.
  9. RobotNinja

    0.45 KDR is where Buzz would have been if he didn't have half a platoon of Engineers butthugging his MAX while he screamed racial epitaphs at them constantly.
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  10. daniel696

    The OP after reading all of this will leave this forums forever lmao.
  11. Liquid23

    nah, he will just create a new account to post on with a different name so he can pretend his shame never happened... yay for anonymity on the internet!
  12. Axehilt

    I took it as a droll piece. A subtle critique of spawn camping.
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  13. Phrygen


    You have worse graphics resolution than I do.

    Didn't think it possible.
  14. Drowingpool

    Meanwile I am up on a perch plucking off what you don't even see coming at you.....
  15. Boomotang

    Why should we watch anything in HD if there aren't even shadows on? Shadows are the lifeblood of images.
  16. RobotNinja

    Guys, Bobaflay has good intentions. I wouldn't discourage him. He just doesn't have good or interesting videos.
  17. Liquid23

    you call it discouraging I call it friendly criticism and proding... he will either swallow the shame and carry on coming back with a better video... or get depressed and commit seppuku... either way it will be more interesting than what we have right now
  18. Epic High Five

    Dude just wanted to post a video, good god people. There's nothing to be ashamed about here, and it's funny that he's getting blasted for boring camp-ey gameplay from a bunch of MAX/HE spam aficionados
  19. RobotNinja

    I don't mean to spoil the party but you realize Bobaflay is like an 11 year old kid or something who you're encouraging to commit "seppuku" aka suicide and then suggesting it would be fun to watch?

    I wouldn't really call it campy. He literally stood outside a shield door and killed one single guy. If this had been an actual video of an actual battle you would see him dying constantly and that would actually be more entertaining.
  20. Liquid23

    hmmm so you're saying I should wait until he at least hits puberty before making jokes about him disemboweling himself out of shame?