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  1. MontazITA

    PIZX in a new outfit, born in november 2020, by an experienced terran player [AFSX], who decided do create a organized NC outfit, with active players.
    We have Discord channel dedicated, not specificately required, but we suggest using it, or in-game voice chat or text chat.
    The main focus of this outfit is FUN, we are not a zerg outfit, we get our bases with organized action and co-op teams.
    We don't have a specific type of combact, we use veichle as well as infantry, and aicraft

    Some service info:
    - Active players will receive permission to spawn generic outfit resources (A.N.V.I.L ecc)
    - Permission to spawn restricted outfit resources(Colossus, OSecc), are given to players who demonstrate team work and who use text, vocal in-game chat or discord.
    You can get more info with in-game outfit recruiting place and searchin this outfit, writing to MrDeaddingNC in-game or writing to me on steam.
    All players are welcomed, new one and veterans, we will help new players to grow up with the outfit.
    Join us and play also bastion and colossus with us :)
    Join and Enjoj
  2. Mechmaniac

    Aggiungi il mio char NC:
    • MannaggiaLamad
    Ultimamente sto completanto il rank ASP 100 col TR e auraxando armi qua e la, per cui ho tralasciato la fazione NC
  3. MontazITA

    Ho creato una nuova outfit NC, appena faccio l'accesso ti mando la richiesta