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Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Chackle, Feb 20, 2013.

  1. Chackle

    Hi guys, just got my piston the other day. Really enjoying the play style it brings. I'm a bit baffled on attachments though.

    So far I have the mag extension, but apart from that I'm unsure what will make the biggest difference for CQC play. I have my eyes on the ammo belt next as an upgrade, but attachments = ???

    Can anyone help with this? Thanks
  2. Ghoest

    The one power scope seems to help a little while jumping. But your range is still just as short.

    The IR/NV scope is always a great tool.

    Slugs are poorly suited to an automatic shot gun. They are a medium/long range ammo and are better served by a semi-auto.
  3. Tudno

    You don't really need attachments for the piston in CQC other than the mag extension, most of the time you generally hipfire with the thing. You could do what Ghoest said and use a 1x reflex or IR scope but I don't see the point. You will have your piston for CQC and if anything is a bit further out just use your pistol.
  4. Chackle

    What about laser sight? Do shotguns gain any benefit from using this? As you said, I'm going to be hip firing mostly
  5. ladiesop

    Laser sight replaces extended magazine, which I think is essential for the 6-size ones. The only one I would consider it on is the Sweeper, but even then extended mags is usually better.

    The IR scope can see through smoke, which can be useful but unless you're firing slugs the other scopes won't help very much.
  6. Lakora

    When it comes to a laser sight... I have no clue myself if it has actually been confirmed but from what I've read it supposedly reduce the spread... Maybe good for the Sweeper, but Piston/Mauler I'd take Extended mags any day on both.
  7. Purple

    eh the laser sight increases accuracy on hip fire but with a shotgun you dont really want that as having a large rectical helps in CQC.
  8. vaxx

    Before GU2, when I was using the Nova alot, I tried putting on the Laser sight, just to see what it did. My conclusion...nothing. Same with Grip. Seems if you are going shotty you might want extended mag, and maybe NV scope for spotting targets at night. Again not really using the NV scope for ADS, but just to help you see where people are.

    Even with slugs, all you need is a scope, maybe extedned mag.

    Good thing, its a cheap atachment gun, bad thing, it doest seem to be improved with attachments like a carbine.
  9. Ghoest

    Laser Sight.

    The laser sight will give you a smaller CoF - for the the center point of your shot pattern.
    This is pretty much pointless with the Piston which already has the largest pattern of all NC shot guns(and probably pointless with all shotguns).
    You have to use the piston up close so you wont notice any difference with the laser but you will definitely notice the extra 4 shots from the extended mag.
  10. Turiel =RL=

    The Piston with extended mags is basically maxed out. You don't need anything else. While I have to admit that I get a better K/D with outer loadouts, I am totally hooked to Light Assault and the Piston. It is so much fun and so dynamic that I don't want to play anything else. Light Assault in such a form did not exist in PS1 and I must say, that this is the best thing they ever invented. It is certainly the game-defining class for me.
  11. IMTasty

    Nighthawk is the TR equivalent and when I use it I run extended mag+NV scope. While the laser sight can be nice, I find in CQC situations you wont miss that much with practice regardless, and if an enemy is on full health he usually dies in 2 hits regardless if a few pellets miss. Extended mag on the other hand will save your *** more time than you can count, I feel in CQC with lots of enemies it's nothing short of essential.

    The scope is up to you, but I find being able to see through smoke and it can help with spotting enemies. Have no special opinion on it though.
  12. RaptorM1

    From the testing I have done, the laser sight only helps with the slugs.
  13. Mrasap

    I use IR/NV scope to check for mines on doorways
  14. jak

    The guys above have said all you need to know - extended mag + IRNV (for mine spotting) and you're good to go. Unless you want to slug snipe, in which case use the higher ammo capacity shotguns.
  15. X3Killjaeden

    Don't get slugs. It's a waste of certs. If you want to engage over longer range you are far better off with a standard carbine. You can't snipe with slugs, they have horrible drop. Ammo belt is a good idea, because you will be running out of shotty ammo in no time no matter what class you use.

    IR/NV is also a solid choice to search for cloakers (at least that used to work... ) or enemies in dark corners. Every other site is useless, the COF doesn't shrink when using ADS. Laser or grip have no effect at all.

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