Ping issue and possible temp fix/cause

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Bullborn, Jan 11, 2015.

  1. Bullborn

    So on Miller today I got the typical ping spike behaviour most have seen lately. Your ping would be fine, then spike to 1000+ms, then go fine again, then spike, etc.

    The weird thing is that relogging (sometimes several times) fixes it. Which seems to indicate that it depends on what server you get assigned to (I assume they use some sort server cluster setup).

    So next time it happens, try relogging, check your ping, relog again if it still happens.

    The success rate so far is based on a small sample of players, so this is not a guaranteed fix, but you don't got much to lose by trying.
  2. Zoobe

    The only real fix of any worth is the increase in server specs and available bandwidth x routing, this is not related to -client side- issues, no matter the spin put on it, it is simply down to throttled resources.

    Guess PC PS2 will now take a backseat to PS4 PS2 when it comes to resources too, as there is a whole new cash cow to be milked and the old cow got wise to the game.
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