Discussion in 'Player Support' started by pytchoun, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. pytchoun

    Why i can't check this option ?
  2. pytchoun

  3. OldMaster80

    I think it's not implemented yet. If it is, do you have a Nvidia card?
  4. kempinukas

  5. Mansen

  6. kempinukas

    Developers say other wise :D
  7. Mansen

    Mister Tramell is knee deep in swedish meatballs - and lets be honest. He is about as knowledgeable on tech issues as a penguin.
  8. CronN

    It's been disabled since release for me. Beta it worked fine, running GTX680 here :/
  9. Sdragoner

    Devs are like politicians nowadays they say it is there or you folks will get this in a few months and all I can see is what? exactly nothing.
  10. Achmed20

    you can activate it in the config file directly. but so far it doesnt seem to do anything besides adding some bullet effects.

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