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Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Sharmanti, Nov 28, 2012.

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  1. Sharmanti

    As the title says.

    LA have access to close range weapons only. Smgs and shotguns basicly. This is the worst and most boring part about the class.

    I love the "cycler" that the medic has. It's worse in CQC but better in medium range. Why is this restricted for the LA?

    I don't ask for "class specific weapons" to change. I just feel that all classes, except possibly the infiltrator should have access to these kind of weapons. They're fun, and often a must in a kit for more versatility.
  2. Achmed20

    i hate to write that over and over aggain but,
    shotgun, slugs, scope = rifle!
  3. SphericaL

    I am confused as to why we are so limited in weapon choices, it seems odd that a class that leads from the front cant engage the enemy until quite close range, which means we have to close some large gaps when aproaching bases where we cant fight back.
  4. Achmed20

    which isnt true. every weapon you can use can be further enhanced to exceed its capabilities.
    Shottys can become pretty nifty rifles this way. the GDF can be further upgraded to be better at medium ranges.
    then there are weapons for Longrange and the guns which are considered to be jack of all trades.

    you just cant have it all at the same time.
  5. Sharmanti

    I prefer a real rifle. You know the diversity is never bad. I mean, it's sooo much fun to play Heavy or medic, because you have so much weapons to your disposal.

    Really.. I currently have two loadouts on my LA.

    First on is wep with silencer, secondary is without.
    That's fun, right
  6. DG-MOD-02

    I am going to close this down as petitions are not permitted per the SOE Forum Guidelines.
    Polling/Petitioning - Lobbying excessively for specific changes, petitioning for specific game changes, and polling without approval from SOE are not permitted in SOE communication channels.
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