Performance SUCKS

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by AceMF, Mar 15, 2013.

  1. AceMF

    fix it.
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  2. RentalSuit

    Is there going to be a second double xp weekend for all of us who simply cannot play because of the 5fps framerate?
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  3. Sikres

    yaaaaaaaaaaaay 8fps -.-
  4. Cryless

    great job with the patch soe ,,|,, (>_<)
  5. Strongfort

    The GU4 Patch was fine for per personally, it's the "hotfixes" after that have screwed up the performance big-time.
  6. penguin2456

    well playing with an amd phenom 2 965 BE and get 50-60 fps warpgate, 15-30 medium to heavy fights, all ultra except flora and shadows, 1920*1080
    edit just testing on a biolab on helios as vanu against nc 15 fps but tottaly playable
    i was having problems with my fps but i just erased the useroptions for me is now on prepatch performance
  7. nitram1000

    I have literally had it with this game, sick to DEATH of it, every single update destroys performance.

    FIRE. YOUR. DEVELOPERS. Absolutely useless. I'm getting 25 ******* frames per second on my spec, what the hell is wrong with you?
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  8. AceMF

    i've deleted user options.ini as wekll.

    does nothing.
  9. Dragam

    You consider 15 fps playable? -_-'
  10. AceMF

    PREACH IT!!!!!

    I hear you and for me this has been the worst update so far with the exception of the training zone.
    Performance is plain disgusting, no other way to say it.

    I agree that SOE need to do something with their Dev team, drag them back from Dallas for a start, slap up the side of the head and get it sorted.
  12. raistra

    performance is bad, I have stuttering in my esf, 30 fps. (used to be ~40)
    as infantry 35 fps, stuttering, (used to be 40-50)
    and in the warpgate I had a 100 fps, now just 70 sometimes 80, 30 fps loss, including a stuttering added. I've wasted 800 euros on a new rig just to play this game, doesn't really seem worth it now anymore.
  13. Ravenorth

    Am I the only one who have this huge warping issue? First 5-10 minutes are fine after I´ve logged in, but then everyone just starts warping around and the moment I see someone I die, shooting back is useless because my bullets simply wont register. It also affect to cloak, there is a huge delay when I decloak and try to start shooting, I can also shoot about 5-20 bullets while cloaked if I shoot them right after I cloaked myself. The most funny thing is that if I log out and back in, then everything is back to normal again, but after 5-10 minutes it just starts again...

    Its never been that bad and makes the game completely unplayable for me...
  14. Alchonis

    I got 17 fps tonight while the double xp is on, its usually no lower than 25.
    Maybe about 25-40 fps is what i used to get when things get busy, i used to be fine with that i could still play well but now its dropping as low as 17 fps i just cant be competitive anymore.

    Ive been playing a month and a bit and i want to drop a sub on this game but i cant justify it now.
  15. AceMF

    on the ground it's not bad but in the air hoo-doggie is it st-st-st-st-stuttery.

  16. sagolsun


    Outsource to Pakistan?

    Hire freelancers form odesk??

    I know!

    Organize a fake recruitment drive where the coders looking for a job have to fix the code and implement the features, saying whoever does the best job gets hired. Ultimately nobody gets hired anyway, but the work is done! Genius!!11 I AM SO PITCHING THIS TO EA
  17. TheRaptorFence101

    ...I think this is an attempt at sarcasm? Or humor? Honestly not sure which. B- for unclear suggestion.