Pandora vs Nova

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by TheAttackMaster, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. TheAttackMaster

    Hey guys!
    Just a quick question.

    What do you prefer, the Pandora, or the Nova?
  2. DrTeeth

    Pandora has 20% higher dps and is automatic, but has only 6 rounds in the magazine, has less spare ammo, and takes .6 sec longer to reload. I'd go for Nova personally.
  3. Verenz

    Nova, for the 12 extra spare ammo. That's 2 levels of ammo belt right there.
  4. grin

    Maybe some numbers will help?

    bs dam 34
    hs dam 68
    pellets per shot 6
    damage per pellet
    bs 5.66
    hs 11.33
    mag 8/40
    t/mag 2.1s
    rof 3.81r/s
    rel 2.7s
    dps bd 129.54
    dps hd 259.08

    bs dam 34
    hs dam 68
    pellets per shot 6
    damage per pellet
    bs 5.66
    hs 11.33
    mag 6/30
    t/mag 1.5s
    rof 4r/s
    rel 2.0s
    dps bd 136
    dps hd 272

    bs dam 34
    hs dam 68
    pellets per shot 6
    damage per pellet
    bs 5.66
    hs 11.33
    mag 6/24
    t/mag 1.2s
    rof 5r/sr
    rel 2.5s
    dps bd 170
    dps hd 340

    The thanatos seems to have the best spread among the 3 shotguns and the best recoil spread with the nova coming in second.
    The difference in spread among the 3 shotguns might be irrelevant though. The pandora definitely has the best time to kill due to its high ROF.

    The thanatos and nova both have higher ammo capacity, with the Nova having an extra 2 rounds per clip. The extended magazine mod will give the Pandora and Thanatos 10 shells per clip, and the nova 12. I think with the Extended Mag cert, the pandora is hands down the best. You can always single click fire it if you want.

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  5. TheAttackMaster

    I'd highly appreciate your post man, really helpful :)
  6. RoosterNE

    I have been using Pandora for a little while and cannot imaging going to any other shotgun. It's effective range is basically point blank, but it is a beast at that range. Spring for the extended magazine if you get it and expect to pull your pistol once you are "reloading" because in a fight you cannot wait for it to reload.
  7. Romalic

    im running with the thanatos atm, but i use slugs / bigger mag and its just as effective as a nova, i thought at first the nova was better but the more i use it the more im seeing a good advantage damage wise in the thanatos over the nova at range, i can take out a person at longer range with 1 sometimes 2 less shots than i could with a nova during beta, maybe they have changed them since, i cant say as i havnt unlocked a nova this time
  8. Apollyn

    Loving Thanatos. Use it on my medic with ammo clip and with my AoE heals I can clear buildings very well. Nova is also good but using it stock I always seem to be one shell short of getting the kill in a tight situation. sure ammo clip will remedy it but I'm thanatos all the way now (plus I used to Fly one in EVE) :D
  9. Mirakk

    Been on the receiving end of a Pandora. It's always a WTF moment. You're dead before you know what happened. Just letting you know what it's like to be hit with one. With a Nova you at least register what's happening in my experience.
  10. Ghoest

    What is "rel"?
  11. Tyrael

    Reload I imagine

    Pandora here with extended mag, awesome weapon - I'm currently wondering if slug ammunition is a good choice for medium range. I probably won't get it because with light assault with adrenal boost and the extended magazine Pandora, well, its like Surgile from PS1 :p
  12. k4el

    Pandora is good against 1 other person, but if they have a friend you're in trouble. Nova is a little more sluggish on the DPS but is still deadly and will leave you with enough rounds to take on your victim's friends.
  13. grin

    I'm thinking that if you get pandora, you Must get the extended mag for 10 rounds. If you get the Nova, you don't really need it, but will probably want it anyway.
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  14. FA_Q2

    I am going go for the Pandora. I would say that even with the Nova the extended mag is by far the best attachment and 2 extra rounds is just not worth the loss in the other stats.
  15. Davinel

    Trialed all three.. I think Thanatos the best. It's actually give you more damage in most situation, than Pandora, because of much lower spread. Pandora is good only if you already can stab that guy.
  16. Strongback

    Get slug ammunition and extended magazine on pandora to fix the accuracy problem and the ammo problem.
    Snipers tend to go "OMGHAX" when you countersnipe them with a fully automatic shotgun.
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  17. Davinel

    Hm can someone do a wall test with pandora with and without slug ammo?
  18. Mordegar

    Forget Slug Ammo on the Pandora, because the spread while shooting on the move with Slugs will make every third shot miss the target at almost point blank range.
    If you want a good allrounder, go for the Thanatos or the Nova, the Pandora is only good below ranges of 10 feet.
  19. Bloodmyth

    Hi guys, do you add a scope to the Pandora at all?
  20. InducedApathy

    I use a pandora and as16 nighthawk which are one and the same (ammo difference pandora has 30 shots as16 has 36). You can take out multiples with pandora if they are grouped tight. If you get to reload switch to pistol or sprint away till done. It chews up any class even maxes or flashes in seconds. You can kill three or four people in a second or two with this weapon (if they're close together healing each other etc.). Extended mag is a must for the weapon imo. You get 10 shots per clip 30 total including what's loaded already. If you scope it I use a reflex 1x since I'm not using the aim or prone just firing from the hip. It's not like you're going to be taking out peeps at medium range even with slug ammo.

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