[Suggestion] Outfit Directives? (for Bastion, Colossus, team play)?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by maximum, Sep 20, 2020.

  1. maximum

    I was thinking that the Colossus tank needed some directives, but I understand they're not freely available to all outfits. But... what about outfit-based directives for squad metrics, etc?
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  2. /clutch

    That would make sense of a good idea.
  3. Demigan

    Well if they were actually about teamwork then yes. Unfortunately the teamwork involved in the Bastion for example is mostly "keep me alive so I can get large killstreaks for personal gain". Similarly OS's are team efforts that end up being fired for a handful of kills gained by just the few leaders of the outfit (for most of them).
  4. csvfr

    This is simply not true. In a bastion gunners tend to get a greater share of the XP than the captain. Every time the captain gets a kill all gunners get a kill share + possible assist XP. After the Mauler cannon nerf, Bastion gunners are quite likely to finish off vehicles too, as a Mauler cannon barrage only leaves them burning, which adds up to even more XP to the gunners. Next time you see a Bastion hover above a base, take a look at the scoreboard and see who is on top, it is usually not the Bastion captain but all of the gunners.
  5. csvfr

    On topic, I also think outfit based directives would make sense.
    Some ideas:
    Orbital strike kills, Bastion air kills, Bastion tank kills, Kills with interceptor ESF, Bastion weak point kills (also possible to make progress without outfit), Citadel shield draw fire, Steel rain transport assist (new type of transportation XP given to the player who deploys steel rain when squadmates earn a kill shortly afterwards)
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