Orion needs buff

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  1. BillBoBaggins

    Orion needs a more rounds,50 don't cut it.I have to reload too much when mowing down all them TR.They have 100 so why can't we?
    Also increase in ROF would be nice.
  2. NinjaTurtle

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  3. BillBoBaggins

  4. Dis

    We might have found Visigodo's ultimate training project.
  5. BillBoBaggins

  6. Corporate Thug

    SVA-88 for 500 certs.

    I used the Orion because it was so full of win when I first started playing VS, 10k kills in I switched to the SVA-88 and never looked back. 75 rounds>50 and IDC about your ROF when I'm shooting you in the face :)
  7. Beltway

    I think enough of TR's faction traits have been distributed to VS and NC. Magazine capacity is all TR have left and to add that to your faction's arsenal would be huge mistake.
  8. Akeita

    Gauss Saw need more RoF, It took me forever to use all of my bullets while mowing down all of dem spandex, they have 750 RoF, why can't we ?
    50 more damage would be nice
  9. z1967

    I think the T9 shoots water pistol rounds. Needs it's DMG buffed to 1000000000 and damage type changed to tank rounds. Should also shoot super explosive nuke pellets tha- Ok you probably caught on to my shenanigans. No, you get ROF and you lose mag size same with the MSW-R (which actually has worse recoil than the Orion IIRC).
  10. Traxiconn

    Only 50 would be underpowered
  11. Modern Ancestor

    Nonsense works just fine and target you cant kill with 50 rounds is unlikely to fall with another 50.:D
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    Orion needs buff....:eek:

  13. gigastar

    Well would access to SPA be too much to ask?
  14. KnightCole

    I still dont get VS...Those guns are so weak...

    Just last night put like 15 rounds into the back of a guy running straight...he doesnt die.
  15. Paperlamp

    Give up .75 ADS and you can have soft point like the MSW-R.

    Orion is one of the strongest, if not the strongest, of infantry weapons in the game right now, it doesn't need any buffs.
  16. Stargazer86

    Tell ya what. I'll trade you. Give me the Orion, and you can have the Carv.


    Take it.
  17. LibertyRevolution

    Orion does not need a buff...

    I agree with the 1/10 in post 2.
  18. Pikachu

    I thought orion were almost as loved by venu as nc6 is loved by nc. :eek: Youre claiming it isnt good enough?

    Orion is the best lmg

    y buff

    Learn to use it right