open messages to all Medics:

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  1. DarkStarAnubis

    Dear Medics of all Factions:

    I am writing this just after a base successfully capped. An enemy NC Max did a last-second Kamikaze run and several HA (me as well) rushed to fight him face to face fully knowing the outcome The Max managed to kill a few and then died, as expected.

    What was not expected: to have plenty of medics around rezzing the faction HAs but not the poor NSO robot lying on the ground.

    So: please remember allied NSO are your friends. They fight and die alongside you. When you see a friendly NSO down, help it: It is not radio-active, it does not explode if you approach it, it does not contaminate you with chemical waste.

    signed: Your friendly NSO robot.

    p.s. to all classes: if an NSO Robot killed you because it was fighting in another faction and after a logout it is now side by side with you don't TK it because you are salty: yes it is the same character who killed you but not it was not your ally before...
  2. Demigan

    Its a trick! They are radioactive! They do have bombs strapped to them and lure in Medics! Should you see one that killed you before fighting for your faction, kill it with a vengeance! They are infiltrating and gathering information!
  3. UberNoob1337101

    Always remember : the more medics there are in one place, the less braincells they have.

    If you start dispensing coffee, I'll definitely res NSOs all the time :p
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  4. TLluis

    I get ressed by mèdics and i am ns operative,i dunno what you talk about. The problem gonna come in 3 months,not everyone will know that ns operatives will be ressed with engineers instead of medics. Everytime i go support,i go engineer instead mèdic,cause the starter weapon of ns operatives mèdics is a bull s h i t. Also when all ns operatives will be truly free to play,i will have tons of ressurrections of ns operatives with my engineer. I also noticed i have my kill streaks with the engineer,which is rare.

    I hope that in 3 months they add the ns pump action shotguns with the ns update,then when i reach battle rank 100,i spend my first token on the shotgun secondary weapon engineer.

    The thing is,that the engineers can not destroy vehicles other than the mines and the Archer. And we know that the mines is a game of luck who not always happens,and the Archer,you can die 5 times before you destroy the vehicle with it.

    So when i see an enemy vehicle,i am forced to change to heavy assault. 0 problems cause i also like the heavy assault class. Imagine if they add the ns chaingun,mmmm delicióus!!!

    But we talk about ns operatives not being ressed,which not happens on my case. I get ressed much times with mèdics while being a ns operative. So i dunno why this thread,maybe they do not ress you cause you did something to them they do not like It. So you can not fault them.

    If i play mèdic and you are nsxoperative player of PS4,i leave you on the floor,i have it clear. Same when i play engineer in 3 months,i leave you on the floor.
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  5. TLluis

    Imagine copying someone on every way and do not have personality. Copying the helmet he use,the weapon he use,the class he use...

    When i play mèdic or engineer i hope not get copyed. Then we talk about ressing your ns operative.
  6. RabidIBM

    It's almost like adding features to the game which make who's on what team ambiguous wasn't the best idea ever.
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  7. JustGotSuspended

    yeah its already a pain to spot people in ns vehicles from far given how broken the spot is