Oh what to buy...

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  1. M2_Bradley

    I recently hit 1k certs on my NC character,again.And now I don't really know what to buy...I want something for my ESF,most likely...But what?Coyotes,lolpods,breakers?Or should I buy something for the ground game?The Bandit looks like something I'd want to pick up...Oh so many choices...I'll have to make one eventually.
  2. Codex561

    Well I am a very bad pilot. I got coyotes and was very satisfied.
    For infantry get one of these:

    And grab a skyguard.
  3. Badname3073

    Top tier medi-gun. Then you won't have to worry where to spend certs
  4. Sagabyte

    The bandit is nice because .75x move speed. The GD-7f will tear *** and throw the ravaged bodies of foes onto the ground.
  5. phreec

    The Bandit is nice but as with anything new and shiny, wait a few weeks to see if it gets nerfed or not before buying.
  6. Bankrotas

    Cyclone, cause, you'll have CQC weapon for all classes.
  7. TheFamilyGhost


    First thing you should buy is a step up in your game. "lolpods" is a term coined by the nerfbabies, not players.