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  1. Pandora's Lunchbox

    So as it was mentioned in this link;

    SOE servers are dropping down for whatever reason. Oddly, the majority seem to be EU servers with one US server and two Russian ones (when I last checked). I haven't seen anything anywhere from SOE about the servers going down as planned - obviously it wasn't planned because when they do, in-game messages are posted and everyone on-line usually gets kicked after a certain amount of time.

    A friend jokingly suggested hackers as the route of the problem and mentioned the PSNetwork being hacked and switched off-line - now that he points it out, the EU PS3 server for DC Universe is off-line (don't know if that is a related issue).

    No, I'm just spreading rumour, now. :p

    It is weird that not everyone still logged in was kicked off the servers, however. Just to recap the problems people on-line face (if they still are on-line);

    > the Friends system is off-line; you can not add, remove or otherwise utilise it. You can still see the friends list as if it were operational,
    > the in-game text-chat system is off-line, however I for one did not receive error messages when attempting to send text (the text just did not record or appear),
    > the in-game VoIP system is off-line, though pressing talk keys will still show your name on your own screen, as if you were broadcasting (no one can hear it and as far as I'm aware, no one else can see your broadcasting notification),
    > the in-game player statistics have stopped recording and probably won't register any additional stat's since the servers went down,
    > the players who may still appear to be logged into an off-line server may begin to experience high MS and general horrendous connection qualities; before eventually being kicked off their non-responding server.

    For those who aren't aware; the servers appeared to stop responding to everything progressively - not instantly, which is why players may still be playing as if they were on-line. Many were not kicked (I wasn't, I closed the game of my own accord) and so might still be playing.
  2. tigerchips

    Miller is up now.
  3. volth

    Yea I get bad connection but its nothing wrong with my connection.
  4. Azarga

    Same. Connection quality is really bad atm.
    Ingame it lists ping around 400-800ms (!!!), while usually I get 60-80ms, 80-110ms in peak hours.
    "Connection quality" is stable on "bad".
    Several people in /yell confirmed to have similar issue.

    This only occures in PS2, both other games and synthetic tests show no difference from my usual connection.
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  5. volth

    I get red connection when I start PS2 about 1-20k ping. When it drops back to green I get 200ping but then it jumps to 20-50k ping and crash. Cobalt