Odd, random "freezing."

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Dark Pulse, Dec 14, 2013.

  1. Dark Pulse

    I actually tried to get back into Planetside 2 last month, and turned out to have a problem with my GTX 690, which I RMAed, and then put in a 580 and was able to play Planetside 2 quite happily, with no issues, for hours at a time with everything high.

    I've now gotten a new 690 which I've put in, replacing the 580 (and, owing to OMFG breaking SLI, disabling one of its GPUs). Planetside 2 still runs fine, but every so often, it will "freeze."

    Now, there's really two forms of freezing that could happen:
    1. A light renderer freeze. The image will freeze, but stuff will still "happen" normally. If I tried to move, I'd hear my footsteps. Alt-tabbing out, then back in, restores my view normally and I'm then able to resume play, usually without much of an issue.
    2. A full renderer freeze where stuff keeps looping and the game becomes totally unresponsive. In this case, I'm forced to task-kill the game and relaunch it.
    When it happens seems to be at random. It could be heavy action, or nothing at all. It could be the main game, or the map screen. It could be right after I launch the game, or it might not kick in for an hour or two.

    I've already gotten the latest drivers for my GPU, and I hear a few people have gotten this since OMFG P1 came out. If any of you guys have any advice, feel free to give it.
  2. user101

    Yes I have had this also --- this happens when the DSL modem looses sync with it's server... It can kill the game or just freeze it for a few seconds .. it you loose sync on the DSL for more than about 10 seconds PS2 will kick you.

    If you have your DSL changing speeds this also causes problems.
  3. Dark Pulse

    Cable internet, no DSL here.
  4. Dark Pulse