[Suggestion] NSO specific rocket launcher

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by EWanderer, Mar 1, 2023.

  1. EWanderer

    So the NSO. When looking at their arsenal, I can spot 2 weapon categories without any unique entry: Heavy Guns and Rocketlauncher. While I am still rolling around ideas for the former, I want to give you something for the latter.

    Introducing the LAV-Self Guiding. LAV-SG. This weapons dumbfires missiles that behave like the Siren or Nest weaopn. They have the same reload speed as LAV-LA/LG, using higher velocity than other rocket launchers, something like the locked on humming bird missiles.
    For the damage model it should fall somewhere between lock-on and the basic dumbfire launcher, since while it has a self-lockon, you still need to to get the missile close enough to an vehicle for it to take effect.
    The weapon also has no splash damage (as the explosive yield is traded for the guidance system) and a minimum arming distance with reduced impact damage and speed within said distance, see the Nest.

    It's main purpose is to give a skill based missle launcher, that can deal with Air and Ground targets, driven by operators, who veer off as soon as they see a lockon notification and those movements are to erratic for the regular dumpfire launchers.

    It should thematically fit given it is just an infantry version of the Nest/Siren with a high velocity projectile.