[Suggestion] NS Deep Freeze Needs Fixed

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Foxirus, Sep 29, 2015.

  1. Foxirus


    1. ADS is not functioning correctly.
    2. It shoots off center and does not match the cursor.
    3. Its bullet doesn't even render every other shot.
    4. It only has one shot per reload. At least give it 3, Like the CandyCannon.
    I understand its an event weapon, And I am almost certain you guys are going to recycle the event for the christmas season once it rolls around. Please fix the weapon before that happens so that it can at least be a SMALL threat. Right now its laughable at best.

    Currently, Its the worst weapon in the game. (I can say this because at least the NS Flare has visual appeal.)
  2. Foxirus

    People, If you don't support this, Don't you dare damn complain when its released and you have trouble completing its event directives because of how broken it is.
  3. Shadowomega

    Don't have it don't have access to it, but I do know it has the same model as the Candy Cannon, and the Flare Guns.

    As for the Shots per reload I remember it always had 1 shot, not sure about damage.
  4. TerminalT6

    Was there a Directive for the Christmas event? Either way, the gun is clearly OP because, if you can believe it, someone called me Pay-to-Win for killing them with it.

    On a serious note, I don't see why it should be objectively less viable than the CandyCannon.
  5. DramaticExit

    These are joke guns and your concern is that it doesn't work properly?
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  6. Vaphell

    what if he painfully farms the exceptional directive with it? IItc it used to be serviceable combined with knife, but after the knife damage nerf (625->500) it can't kill for **** so i don't think asking for it to work properly is too much.
  7. FieldMarshall

    None of the Christmas directive objectives require kills with the NS Deep Freeze though (luckily)
    At least they didnt last year.
    Seeing as how the Halloween directive is the same as last year, i dont think they are going to change anything in the Christmas directive either.

    Winter Holiday Event Master requirements:
    Snow-ManSlaughter: Find and kill snowmen (20 snowmen)
    Golden Snow-Manslaughter: Find and kill Golden Snowmen (1 golden snowman)
    Special Delivery: Kill the enemy with C4 presents (8 kills with the default C4)
    Seasons Beatings: Kill the enemies while wearing a holiday hat (40 kills)
    Slay Ride: Roadkill enemies while any holiday vehicle cosmetic is equipped (12 roadkills)
    And thats for the final master rank.
    (Yeah i know, it sounds too good to be true after the insane halloween frustrations.)

    Its the most relaxing and awesome holiday directive i have ever auraxiumed.
    None of that frustratingly boring grind for 200+ pumpkins while getting ganked, or trying to knife people.
    O kills with the frustratingly bad candygun, and they have to be wearing a mask for it to even count.
    Or the "get 5 masks that cost 750+ seeds" crap.
    Cant wait for the winter directive. It was fun and relaxing (atleast compared to halloween). The way (i feel) a holiday event should be.

    Anyway. I digress. I wouldnt mind if they changed it to function like the candycannon.
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  8. ALN_Isolator

    Just wait until Christmas....

    Kill 200 snowmen
    Kill 5 golden snowmen (spawn rates decreased)
    Kill 500 people while wearing holiday hats only purchasable with snowballs (dropped by snowmen)
    Roadkill 50 people with 3 or more holiday vehicle items equipped

    Reward: araxium plated NS deep freeze