Nooby question regarding headphones.

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by C0NGL0M3R4T3, Mar 18, 2014.

  1. C0NGL0M3R4T3

    I hope y'all can bear with me, 'coz (Like the title) I'm a newb in this.

    So, I've been using a pair headphones lately, and apparently, it's one of those headphones (Assuming not all of them are similar in this trait) that allocate sound to either of the 2 ears (?) based on the location of sound in-game. (Say if a guy were yelling, and he's to my character's right, the sound would be mostly on my right ear).

    The thing I need to know is--will I get banned for this?
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  2. ShortRovnd

    Banned for using stereo headphones? No.
  3. LordMatt XLVIII


    "Nooby question" is an understatement.

    Dude, Even if you just have 2 speakers set up properly they'll do that. THE GAME ITSELF IS SUPPORTING THIS, if it didn't want you to hear specific sides, it wouldn't send that information to your client.
  4. ironeddie

    Ha if stereo speakers could get you banned I'd be ducked with my surround sound.
  5. DirArtillerySupport

    LOL!! nice one dude.
  6. C0NGL0M3R4T3

    I'm serious. I've never really used headphones before (Stupid as **** I know), and this sorta concerned me since I saw a thread here quite some time ago about some sort of mouse that can automatically reduce recoil (Of course I know that's impossible for all games), and there were recommendations against using said mouse.

    So yeah, yeah, laugh all you want..
  7. Bonius

    When in doubt: If your perephials allow you to do something a game doesn't allow you to do by design, it's generally considered bad. Listening to sounds is not one of those things. Macroing 10 keypresses per 0.01 second is.