No hard cap for ressources, make vehicles cost actually hurt when you lose it.

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  1. Daedrick

    My proposed change to reduce the spam of vehicules of all sorts and make people actually care for them.

    1: Remove the ressource hard cap.

    Right now, most player can't have more than 750 of any kind of ressources, be it air/mechanised/infantry. My suggestion is to remove the hard cap(750) to something very high such as 100 000. This will let people gather enough ressources to actually buy the vehicules at their new prices.

    2: Increase vehicule cost drasticly.

    Flash cost = 5 000
    Lightning cost = 20 000
    Vanguard/Prowler/Magrider cost = 45 000
    Sunderer cost = 50 000

    Scythe/Reaver/Musquito cost = 35 000
    Liberator cost = 40 000
    Galaxy cost = 60 000


    Changes must be made so it is not a crawl but if ressource gathering speed is buffed or the amount of ressource every gathering tics is buffed this whole change will be meaninless.

    Alternitively, instead of all these changes, they could simply reduce drasticaly the amount of ressources you get every gathering, but the psychological behavior wont change. Losing a lot of ressources every time you spawn a vehicule doesn't have the same impact to human mind compared to the lost of a small amount even if both are proportionnal.

    Anyway, proposed change to change the flow of gameplay to something other than SPAM SPAM SPAM.
  2. Dawnstrider

    I'm going to say no to this, based of the fact in the past few times I've played my vehicles seem to be destroyed by FF 50% of the time
  3. ChaoticRegiement

    +1 too many vehicles
  4. Mootar

    They should just increase the cost within the resource system we have now.

    MBT/Liberator - 700
    ESF - 500
    Lightning/Sundy - 350
    Flash - 100

    Force people to use their vehicles like a precious commodity instead of a throwaway zerg machine that is only limited by the cooldown timer.
  5. ed_anger

    Go play CoD if you want infantry fights, Planetside is all about combined forces. Yes, that includes infantry, air and ground units.
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  6. Chiss

    No, this is a terrible solution.

    Some people play purely to drive vehicles. This would make the game less fun for them.

    The problem is that many people (including myself) who hate vehicles, still use them because theyre convenient. Theres no reason not to use them once in a while.

    That is the problem. You have people who, in PS1, never would've certed into vehicles, and still arent certing to them in PS2.
  7. akajefe

    Have fun running from base to base.

    Who here wants to assault The Crown from Ti Alloys because nobody can pull an AMS?
  8. Ajax51

    I think that vehicle spamming has less to do with resource cap or gathering speed, then the SHEER AMOUNT OF PEOPLE PLAYING at that moment. Cause everyone can rez a vehicle from their own pool of resource, and if they had just logged on, chances are they have a FULL RESOURCE POOL waiting for them. Therefore, at the busiest time of day, due to the many players who just logged on, you would see tank zergs formed by these players. Although, personally, it does not bother me to see so many tanks, cause tank battles are fun too, and they don't last all day nor are they omni-present. I have been playing a variety of battles since game launch, and each day it is different. You just got to look for it or create it yourself.

    Anyone who doesn't want tank battles can simply avoid the zergs, or meet them with your own and crush them. Then you would have more infantry battles, cause the ACQUISITION TIMERS would put a stop to the SUBSEQUENT VEHICLE SPAMMING. I mean this is exactly when you want to use those MINES people have been talking about! Having said that, Is there a way to limit the amount of tank at busy hours? I don't think so, unless we start using resource from a COMMUNAL POOL OF RESOURCES. Besides the game company probably wouldn't want that either, cause if players just logged on and want to roll fresh tanks, they'd be silly to keep them from doing that.

    Yet, like the orginal post, I do like to see the resource system having a bigger impact on gameplay. 750 resource cap, seems like as good a number as any, i don't think it changes anything by increasing it to a bigger number, such as 100000. The problem is the resource gathering speed, and i think that the resources replenish a little too quickly, cause right now my resources can even replenish before my acquision timer runs out on some of the vehicles. Doesn't this make the resource system effectively obsolete? I mean ACQUISITION TIMER has replaced RESOURCE as the MAIN LIMITING FACTOR in vehicle spamming. In conclusion, the resource system has to work in order for the RTS side of the game to really function. One simple solution is to SLOW DOWN RESOURCE GATHERING SPEED and immediately, resources take on a much more prominent role.
  9. Daedrick

    @Ajax I completly agree, but an acquisition timer is an artificial way to limit vehicules spam and , as you said, ressources themselves should be the limiting factor. We wouldn't have that problem in the first place if that system would have been well designed.