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  1. BillBoBaggins

    If the day and night cycle is client side then what is the point? If it is client side then we be should able to disable night time.
  2. Rabbitz

    How do you know it a client side? Isn't it sync with the server?

    I enter a VR room and usually see time syncing in action.
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  3. BillBoBaggins

    When i am on Mumble some of my friends say it is day but night for me and vice versa but sometimes can be same.
    He is Australian though.
  4. FateJH

    Weather conditions are client-based and they obstruct visibility as much as the day/night cycle. I've heard people complain about the fog on Amerish but I've never seen it myself until last night.
  5. BillBoBaggins

    Then do you not agree that it is pointless unless it is server side? Can give the person with day time over the guy night time a advantage.
  6. Planetdoge

    I always assumed day/night was server side. In all my time playing PS2 with my roommate, the day/night cycle was in sync for both our clients.
  7. JorgeSarcos


    I once had a fog on Esamir and i was like WTH? it was the first time i saw fog on Esamir and teammates on TS said there wasnt any fog for them, also, yesterday it was day for me and night for my other 2 teammates on Esamir too.

    And ive also have happen sudden changes of day to night on me (where i though i activated thermals but no)
  8. MasonSTL

    It's a bug. What happened between you and you buddy happened to me too, it will reset itself though. But I am pretty sure that night cycles are synced so every one gets them at roughly the same time.