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  1. TheZetifate1745

    shoots wide blades (like aphelion after stop shooting) not as wide . purple color. rof 5.8 damage 400 (up to 15m) velocity 250.would have option to choose diamond shaped crosshair for hipfire because it would have less horizontal and more vertical spread. horizontal hipfire 5 degrees vertical 8 degrees. ads .01 degrees horizontal .02 vertical with bloom of .04 horizontal and .06 vertical. 18 magazine. reload 2 short 2.6 long.
    barrel condenser reduces hipfire and ads cof by 25% hipfire and 33% ads but reduces ammo by 2.(200 certs)
    larger mag. adds 4 bullets to mag but reduces max damage to 340 and bullets are 20% less wider.(200certs)

    flamethrower. does damage 10 times a second. 180 damage. range of 20m after 10m does 140 damage. can hit multiple targets at once. 40 round capacity. short and long reload 3sec. does 40 burn damage a second for 5 seconds after your hit at least 2 times.
    high heat flames burn damage 120 damage for 1 second after hit by 2 bullets.(200 certs)

    shoots 2 bullets at a time 7 times a second. each bullet does 125 damage up to 10m. (2 bullets at a time count as 1 bullet) 28 round mag. 2.5 short reload 3 long. (you decide accuracy)
    laser : improve hipfire 33%
    electric ammo: 10% more damage to shields and 8% chance to stun enemy for .25 seconds. reduces damage to 120.

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