new semi auto snipers

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  1. TheZetifate1745

    (kinda the same for all factions)
    550 damage up to 145m (drops to 450 at 300m) 180rpm. mag 8 reload 3-4

    500 damage up to 150m (drops to 400 at 300m) 205 rpm mag 10 reload 4-4.8

    600 damage up to 130m (drops to 490 at 300m) 165 rpm mag 9 reload 3.5-4.3
  2. adamts01

    TR really gets boned. They can't double tap or headshot through Aux Shield and NC is the only faction that can double tap through nanoweave.

    Either way, NC and VS guns would be OP, replace the Daimyo, and obsolete all semi autos and battle rifles.
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