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  1. Kalocin

    Now I should first start off: I'm not talking about applying TDM/DM/King of the Hill/Capture the flag modes separate from the main game. That's a really dumb idea. Also I don't mean things like adding crafting or farming etc.

    What I think the game really needs is more gameplay outside of attacking and defending just bases/outposts. A few ideas in mind:
    1) Defending a transport with resources (or something valuable anyways) from point a to b. It would give a chance to have more battles in the field outside of outposts which usually get ignored. There's a lot of land that could use some love.
    2) Retrieving a drop-pod that lets you set off an orbital strike in a hex.
    3) Find and retrieve the multi-passenger giant Max suit in a small outpost which you can bring to a bigger battlefield.

    Different styles of bases:
    1) Somewhat of a base style but: Defend the underground information system which lets you see enemies on a single hex map (a randomly chosen active one).
    2) A floating base that moves across the map (requires aircraft transport such as a galaxy), which would be interesting for defending as it would hover into enemy territory and also isn't a static location.
    3) Weather affected bases such as snowstorms that make it harder to fly (wind resistance) and blinding etc

    Now I'm not saying implement these ideas, as I'm not a game developer, but I think ideas like these would be pretty cool to have. While defending and attacking bases are fun, I think it would be neat if there were smaller more squad-oriented objectives, or if there were simply different flavors of playing I guess.

    Anyways, feel free to share your thoughts on what could work and what wouldn't. =]
  2. Ribonucleic Acid

    some very neat ideas. transport defense might be able to be implemented, would make tank zergs more fun for both sides (right now it is win, wait for a cap while shooting the spawn doors, repeat). weather effects might be hard to implement as they would probably have to be client side and would be so subject to change while also changing gameplay (like visibility), that it might be hard to balance, even though i like the realism of it. underground bases would be cool, even if they didnt give a bonus. flying bases would have to be static, i dont think the moving base works well for the generic planetside gameplay, but it is a good idea. as for missions and things, as much as i like the idea, stuff like that wouldnt be done but by outfits and squads and would require too much coordination from an average, casual player. as much as they are cool ideas, i dont think they would balance well in the game.

    and theres my 2 certs as an indie game developer.
  3. Kalocin

    I didn't necessarily mean using these ideas as I'd probably be a terrible game developer lol. I just think it'd keep more players interested if there was more to do outside of base attacks.

    However, I don't think it's a bad idea to have something require a squad or an outfit, as most casual players just join the zerg imo. I joined an outfit recently, but I think other players (such as my friends who've joined) don't really find it necessary to join a squad or outfit and just farm kills at wherever the hot-pod action is. =P

    Also: The main thing I reaaaally want to see happen is just reasons to be out in the terrain, as the continents are massive and beautiful, but feel small because a lot of the gameplay happens in similar-looking bases.
  4. Ribonucleic Acid

    i agree with you with that more of the world needs to be utilized. every rock and tree is placed strategically, USE THEM!
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  5. Warruz

    Well as for different bases they already said they are on the way, i know interlink was one and i think the other was dropship center. Also in PS1 their was a capture the flag method where by you carried an LLU to a connecting base to take over the base, something i would defiantly like to see return.

    I would like to see ANT's make some sort of return but im not sure if they would be worth enemies going after them as unlike ps1 there is no power level mechanic in game and would serve a more limited purpose this time around. However i think someone in beta suggested a train of sorts that was a NPC that would drive back and forth from areas acting as your supply line, if it was destroyed your resource gain would be cut dramatically . However ideas like this should be things that make maps unique not something that should exist on every map,and i think thats the key to make each map have an unique function.
  6. Kalocin

    I don't think npcs are really necessary (I mean we have terminals instead of npcs), probably always better to have player-oriented content. I don't think each map should have all of these but I do think it should be a little more random so people are less likely to zerg to base 1 2 3, grab titan, base 4 5 6 etc. I guess I would like to see something that other people can do outside of the massive groups other than empty mini bases.
  7. Warruz

    Sorry i wasnt entirely clear, the NPC was a train that would just continue making runs back and forth to bases.