[Suggestion] New LA Abilities

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Dgross, Jun 27, 2015.

  1. Dgross

    Core Mechanics: Jump Jets, Fast Attack, Superior Mobility & Anti-Infantry

    Micro Jump Jets – lets the player jump a great distance (50-100 meters?) with a safefall mechanic. Allows rapid movement around a base for fast attacking/defending flag or other points of interest. Does not replace normal jump jets, but has its own recharge bar that recharges much slower

    Portable Teleporter – placed at two locations, allowing rapid troop movement between the two pads. The LA’s jump jets allow it to place the pad in locations that are obscure and hard to reach

    Portable Jump Pad – allows soldiers to boost over tall objects and terrain

    Flashbang Grenade (expanded ability) – two grenades are now carried by default

    (Remove C4)
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  2. Currann

    Some interesting ideas, though i do see some inherent problems with them,

    Microjets: The major problem i see with these is that they would obsolete Icarus jump jets by offering a better utility (higher jumping than icarus) with no downside (longer regen time, but still able to use any jet pack). Instead, i propose adding microjets as a utility slot that would use the ability key, and give an effect based on which jetpack you had equipped.

    For Icarus, it would do similar to what you reccomended, consuming all fuel at once and propelling you three times higher than you normally would, and for 5 seconds after fuel would not regen.

    For jumpjets, it would double fuel consumption, while also doubling vertical and horizontal speed.

    For Drifter jets, it would consume half your fuel; and propel you 30 meters forward.

    Teleporter: I dont think this is a good idea, as it would outclass a well positioned sunderer in most cases, making it more tedious than fun to deal with attackers.

    Jump pad: I like this idea, perhaps make it a utility slot that allows you to place a Jump pad origin and destination. The origin, when placed would emit a red glow around it until the destination was placed, in which case the glow would turn green, signifying it's ready to be used. The destination would be placeable within 100-150 meters of the origin. Either will be destroyable

    Flashbangs: I definitely agree with this one.

    C4: I don't understand why you would want to remove c4. If the rest of the ideas were utilities you would be forced to choose between extra mobility, logistics, or AV capabilities.
  3. IronMouse

    LA needs Spiderman webs. In a shape of retractable grappling hooks. Swoosh-swoosh from one place to another. <3

    Just-Cause style.
  4. Demigan

    Only if the speed isn't too high, and there could be repercussions for wrong use. For instance: hitting objects while going at full speed will damage you similar to fall-damage. It would give players the option for lightning strikes: first you boost yourself in range, drop C4 or attack, then boost yourself out of range instantly, so it needs more than enough drawbacks to compensate for this incredible increase in power.
    Personally I already proposed something similar, but as an actual jetpack rather than a utility. That way you can balance it easier, rather than the player still having access to another jumpjet like the Drifter with it's own advantages and disadvantages.

    Any teleporter that can be used by multiple players is, in general, a bad idea. First off, it destroys a lot of functionality of the LA, allowing any class to get on otherwise impossible positions. The same counts for a Jumppad. Not only would a placeable jumppad open the way for any class to get anywhere, it would also mean that LA's can start catapulting themselves from any base. Just take the time to place one near a spawnpoint, and it's exit is placed somewhere out of sight, like under a tree, away from a battle, preferably on a high place to increase the height of the arc and allow farther catapulting. With 100 to 150m distance available to the player... You can probably reach 3 bases far, up to 5 bases if you are up high like in Amerish.
  5. FunBotan

    Mmmmaybe... get us a second sidearm? The idea is that Blackhand is basically the LA's tool, so it would be nice to also have a sidearm that actually acts as a sidearm.
  6. Iridar51

    First it was C4 that was LA's tool, now it's Blackhand? What's next, shotguns?

    Blackhand is nice at what it does, for LA especially, but it's nowhere near as instrumental to success of the class as any actual tool to any other class.

    That, and LAs naturally have reduced need in a sidearm, so it's less of a sacrifice to carry the Blackhand.
  7. venteron123

    just learn to play the class and you'll be fine, you dont need portable jump pads just use jump pads that are already littered accross the maps. LA is already OP, i cant even pull a max anymore. play it simple just flank and be creative and trust me light assaults are already spoiled enough.
  8. InvolvedSpark

    Okay, the portable teleporter and jump pad seems like something that would fit better into the Engineer class, as they're normally the ones deploying things (turrets, ammo packs). But I also don't understand why you would want C4 removed. That's pretty much the only thing that enables a LA to deal damage to enemy armor. Sure, they aren't exactly meant to go head to head with a Lightning, but you still would want that option, possibly to weaken it for an ally, if not destroy it yourself.