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Discussion in 'Cobalt (EU)' started by Ragnarock, May 15, 2018.

  1. Ragnarock

    Hi everyone, I wasn't really sure which side I should play so I decided to make my own post instead.(currently playing NC, I'm not loyal to any side right now though, as I'm only a beginner so far.)

    Anyways, I'm 23 years old, don't have mental issues :p (no really, I can take jokes or criticism), I have a mic and I can speak and understand english just fine. I'm mostly an infantry player and mainly playing heavy assault at the moment.(I'm totally fine with playing other classes if needed, I just feel like HA suits me, I like being effective against both infantry and vehicles, and I also like having that juicy adrenaline shield)

    I'm also a CS player currently ranked at supreme, so I'm a good shot, I believe I am a reliable teammate and I could be a valueable part of your outfit that you can rely on. I'm also great as a tank-aircraft gunner. (terrible at actually driving one though)

    So If you feel like your squad needs a trigger happy heavy assault that shoots at everything that moves, then I'm probably the guy for the job :)
  2. k9delta

    Unluckly I'm from MIller, not Cobalt. Btw this part of the forum is not well known/used so you might be just ignored ahah
  3. Ragnarock

    Ah well, thats unfortunate. I still wanted to give it a shot.

    Edit: I could also switch to Miller, since I didn't really progress too much (only BR31 so far), It would be easy for me to catch up.
  4. k9delta

    Heh, you shouldn't ve said that, now my qualities as potato seller come out:
    FORMIDO is the outfit for you:
    -we usually teamplay during the evening/night with an awesome team-leader (CEST Time, so in EUROPE).
    -we have fun although we all don't how to spek englis properly, and THIS IS what makes things funnier (but the most of the people knows how to talk)
    -we are mature, and stupid at the same time.
    -we help newbies.
    What are you waiting for?????????????? (also give me 3$ for the potato).
    Find me, i m "RicercAboca" or the leader "Weavers73" or "cannotthinkofaname" or "HoppalaGER" or I DON'T KNOW (also because nicknames are hard to remember (correctly)).
    Formido is opened to anyone! -especially to your mother-
  5. Ragnarock

    That sounds great, I'll give miller a try to see how it compares, and thanks for the invite, -but my mum isn't really interested :D -
  6. FORCE010

    Calamity Ravens Corps is also still recruiting, we are on Miller as well on NC. Feel free to check us and Apply at . Or DM me on Discord, same name.

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