New Biolab problem

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  1. Zan_Aus

    Been wondering why biolabs seem even more of a meatgrinder recently? With the recent changes to the biolab spawn room it is extremely easy for any unit, even MAXs for the defending faction to get up on the roof of the biolab buildings (ie inside the dome). I'm to understand it was possible before but difficult so rarely done, now its commonplace.

    If you haven't played LA at a biolab you're probably unaware of the completely ludicrous advantage this gives you. The number of sniping spots is unlimited (I racked up 140 kills from a single perch one time only being spotted about once every 10-20 kills at worst).

    Additionally the whole roof structure is essentially conjoined which, whilst there are some parts where once you drop down you can't get back, mostly you can move about the whole biolab with impunity. You can sit a pair of dual hacksaw MAXs with an engineer over a spawn room and I guarantee no one is getting more than 2 ft out the door, EVER.

    The attackers in the meantime must rely on LAs only to dig out a massively fortified defense nest.

    SOE needs to decide if they want floor level fighting to actually mean something and if so, look at some slight adjustments to the balcony situation which allows all units to jump across. LAs will always be fighting each other across the rooftops but pretty sure MAX nests in the roof isn't helping biolab gameplay.
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  2. Jeslis

    Gotta agree.. atm Im getting up there with my Engi in a really nasty spot where I can cover a teleporter door, AND the air pad with a grenade launcher+Infinite ammo.
  3. SgtBreastroker

    That's kind of similar to what I do. I haven't actually been on top in the Bio Lab. I've been podding into trees in meatgrinder areas where I proceed to get ridiculous killstreaks by firing down at the enemies. They rarely notice me, all they see is team mates dying around them. It makes me feel dirty.

    But yeah I have seen it happen, it should get fixed.
  4. DJPenguin

    another thing I've been a victim of is people shooting into the biolab from outside the bubble. won't say how obviously but yeah it's possible.