New "Basic Class?

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  1. Flukeman62

    .... *BANG* ......
  2. VKhaun

    I think medic fills this just fine with AR and C4. You don't have to use the med applicator if you don't want to. The F key will heal people (and is it's own slot, doesn't take anything away from the basics) near you just fine with a little cheap upgrading.

    They also had a bunch of neat offensive stuff for the medic that was talked about during beta that isn't so healy. What if two Thursdays from now they put in medic abilities like life leech or poison gas? I say play the medic now or at least use your certs to unlock attachments/suit slot for it now if you like being a footsoldier with an AR. The game will update new stuff for all classes eventually, and you'll have new options to pick from. At very least set aside some saved certs for when it comes.
  3. Flukeman62

    but as a medic you are obliged to heal people (at least in my outfit)
    as well as this I don't want to LOOK like a medic. I don't know about you but having massive white bits on my armour is not very good for front line combat as it makes me stand out.
  4. TatharNuar

    My outfit leader hates them too, but that's because he thinks they're an underpowered version of Heavy Assault that can't destroy vehicles. I'm getting him to come around by teaching him all the ways I know how to use Light Assault though, and since he's tired of the way a lot of battles in PS2 turn into massive firefights at various chokepoints (which anti-infantry Heavy Assaults are most prone to doing), he's really interested in listening to the "new" ways to play the game that I teach him.

    Light Assault is a very versatile class, and I've identified three separate ways to specialize deeply into Light Assault so far, with five tiers of cert and weapon recommendations for each, which would help people in my outfit decide how to set up their loadouts for the class. Compare Heavy Assault, which I could only come up with two shallow tiers of four barely-different specializations, based on what type of enemy your loadout is specialized for and whether you have a couple certs to improve that loadout's effectiveness, and two of the specializations are essentially the same except for whether your weapon has a large magazine or a fast reload time and how you use that weapon. Overall, I find Heavy Assault a very boring class, especially in terms of progression. At least the MAX can be used for some degree of surprise if you can get a MAX crash going, but the lack of certs for MAX makes that fairly boring too.
  5. Flukeman62

    COUGH COUGH ahemmmmmmmm
  6. OllieFO1

    IMO the Engineer is doing to much atm. So taking something from the engi and giving it to the light assaulth would do the trick.
    For instance the ammo boxes. You'd not have an excuse to not use light assaulth then. And it shouldn't be a problem for those flying bastards to get around and give ammo
  7. Flukeman62

    how did you find this??? you are a fricking wizard my friend!