[Suggestion] Nerf Rapid-strafing

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  1. Pandora's Lunchbox

    The players who live the longest in direct out-of-cover standoffs are often the ones who rapidly dance while they shoot at you and it looks ridiculous. Unless you're doing the same thing, they'll probably kill you first because it's nigh-impossible to track them properly because of latency. To me, this is an exploitation of latency.

    Couple of ideas:
    • Games like Halo have a more noticeable acceleration/deceleration on horizontal movement. You can't instantly strafe in the opposite direction. You slow down and then you speed up in the other direction—this gives opponents a little more time to adjust and I think it's especially important in an FPS that has so many players with higher latencies. Something to think about rather than outright replicate.
    • Alternatively, introduce some kind of 'slow down' mechanic, similar to the one that slows you down if you rapidly jump. The more you tap strafe buttons in quick succession, the slower each button will make you move until you get to a near-stop or stop rapidly alternating strafe.
    I realise some players move side to side while they aren't shooting, maybe while they're running to cover. Typically you see them turning with their mouse while sprinting, instead, so I don't think this is as big a problem—they're already in dangerous water, anyway and they're not exactly aiming at you. It's just annoying that some of the more brazen players get away with standing in front of two or more people firing back at them and can still deal with it by dancing. It's kind of stupid.

    Moreover, I think dancing the movement buttons somewhat detracts from thinking about your general positioning more. You avoid punishment for being out-of-cover, so why bother? It's a huge game world and it's a shame that so many players seem allergic to using cover. That, and a lot of players are probably using macros to get the most out of it.

    Might as well hit rapid-crouching as well I think, it's just as silly IMO.
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  2. Demigan

    Yeah this has been proposed before and should be a patch worth of changes. Nothing major and still a massive improvement on the game.

    The devs for some reason completely ignore this low-hanging fruit. Anyone who is ADAD+crouch spamming is deliberately abusing the latency system. Adding that anti-bunnyhop system to ADAD+crouch would be a great way to let any normal player continue without any change in their gameplay but punish players trying to abuse it.
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  3. BoomBoom4You

    Planetside 1 vets will remember "warping" was a thing. I don't know for sure but I think they kept some of it in as a homage to PS1 -- it was very much part of the pvp back then. I agree tweaking the acceleration would be an easy fix. Maybe the aspect of Sidewinder (delay when strafing) should be implemented by default, but it's not really game breaking IMO as it is, so probably won't be addressed.
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