Need to create ProSieben Sat 1 Account?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by ShayeUK, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. ShayeUK

    What the hell is this?
    What about my Station Cash on my current account?

    Why do I need to create a new account to play?
  2. Sikab

    if you purchased Alpha Squad on you SOE acc you dont need a PSG account. Only newly registering EU players do. That's what i've been told.
  3. Osskscosco

    And if he didnt get alpha but has station cash on account?
  4. ShayeUK

    I do not have Alpha but I do have SC
  5. Sikab

    ummmmm. Not sure then -_-
  6. Osskscosco

    Cant you convert and send it to your other account? Or maybe support can do it.
  7. warmachine1

    I can login with SOE acc normaly
  8. Viktor

    Are you using the PSG launcher? Try the US setup instead if you are:
  9. JackTheHammerer

    I have Alpha and i was playing in beta just fine , now i cant login to prosieben servers with my account however i can login to SOE website . The issue is , i live in eu and SOE launcher wont let me play.
  10. ShayeUK

    The US installer tells me to create a ProSieben 1 account, The EU installer needs a new account.

    Not that it matters because after creating a new account and accepting the EULA on the EU installer the launcher stops working completely.
  11. JackTheHammerer

    I want that cooldown timer BACK ! It looked cooler than error messsages .
  12. Viktor

    Odd, I just logged in to the PS2 site, downloaded the setup and could log in just fine with my beta account, I don't even have Alpha squad.
  13. ShayeUK

    I have a beta account as well which I was invited, not Alpha.
    But that one just keeps asking me to reset the password, which I did, and still asks me to reset it. Now have a 24 hour lock.

    But that account does not have my SC also cant log in game or website with it.
  14. R3L1CUK

  15. Jacklantis

    I am also exexperiencing this issue, the full message text can be viewed below;

    'We have detected that your SOE Station Account is configured for ProSieben Sat. 1 Games PlanetSide 2 access. To play PlanetSide 2, please click here to create your ProSieben Sat. 1 Games account. Please click the "Download games" button available from the ProSieben Sat. 1 Games PlanetSide 2 website to download the correct Launchpad.'

    When clicking the link I am directed to the Eu account creation page, this then redirects to the .com page and repeats the loop.

    Help please, the machines are getting smarter...

  16. Tooterfish

    Bump, because the EU steam community is losing faith already.
  17. manfromh

    If you had an SOE account prior to launch, you can keep it and do not have to migrate to ProSieben. Use the US installer.
    If you did not have an SOE account prior to launch, and you are in EU, then you have to create a ProSieben account.

    That's how I've understood it. I was in beta, no alpha squad, no station cash, downloaded the US installer and it is happily installing, with 57% done.
  18. Tooterfish

    According to the europeans in chat, some of them had accounts prior, and are still unable to log in. They're getting errors indicating that their accounts are now configured for ProSieben and must create an account with ProSieben.
  19. xemlash - select the play free button

    then a box pops up asking for details, it then says something along the lines of "If you played Beta..... download here(as a link)" click that and download, afaik its just the US installer. You will be bale to log in using your Beta acc details with no probs
  20. Arkenor

    This is what we are seeing when we try to log in with the US client:


    If my account has indeed been configured for "ProSiebenSat.1 Games Planetside 2 access", I would very much appreciate it if it could be unconfigured.
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