[Suggestion] Need easy way to invite passenger to squad

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by JibbaJabba, Jul 16, 2018.

  1. JibbaJabba

    It comes up in lots of various ways in the game but here is an example:

    Platoon is loading up into Galaxies at the warpgate. A blueberry jumps in your galaxy. You've got room so no biggie. Also have a few slots open in the squad so...

    Why not invite him?

    ...because it's difficult to type "/squad invite myN4mei5h4rd2TYPE" (or some other less ridiculous or easy to type name)

    What would be spiffy: Hit that Alt key to get your cursor. Right click on the guy in vehicle slot X and select "invite to squad"

    Any Upvotes??
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  2. chamks

    i wrote it too in the past
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  3. Vulpecula07

    Or simply bind a key to invite all people into the squad within a radius of 20, 30 metres or so when you're on foot, when you are within a vehicle, it changes to invite all passengers.
    May not be a flexible option, but can be super convenient.
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    Poor PC.
    On ps4 you don't get any name in your vehicle shown.
  5. Diilicious

    thats just ducking sad
  6. chamks

    such a good point. in fact, im literly writing on paper everything i have to suggest and complain and improve (in my opinion, maybe just try it for a month) about this game. because there is no such a thing like this game as we all know.
    one of the threads i wrote is about the lack of possibility to talk and interact with people who sit in your mother ******* vehicle. and this game literly run because of vehicles. imagine we had to run to the next facility
    btw jibbajabba there is vanu player in miller named jubbajibba, something like that, and i asked him if his you and he said no
  7. Luicanus

    You could even have a setting where it auto invites if you're the driver/pilot.
  8. Luicanus

    That would be nice, I'm always surprised that in a game that's all about teamwork they consistently let the playerbase down in the ease of use of Squads, Platoons and Friends.

    The entire social side needs a massive overhaul or at least a notation made that if PS3 ever happens it should be made a focus of the early development.
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  9. Rebecca649

    This is a great point and suggestion. I have only recently started commanding squads and platoons (really enjoying it), having a way to invite people in vehicles easily would be a great addition.

    Another useful addition could be if you are a platoon leader having a feature that could show unsquaded up players on the map near you, possibly as a yellow or green arrow colour. I found clicking on my fellow blue arrows on the map was fast and easy way to send invites but could get a little frustrating when not knowing which were and were not already in a squad. Its not a big problem, would just make it easier to offer invites to people if you could see on map who was and was not available. Obviously this would only be a feature for squad leads or platoon leads.

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