NCM3 Ravens no longer have the same range as before (50 meters instead of 350 meters)

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Behtobus, May 20, 2021.

  1. Behtobus

    In the wiki, it says the raven missiles can last up to 5 seconds (approximately 350 meters in distance). Right now if I test them in the VR training with the Sweeper HUD implant, it stops dealing damage when i'm 50 meters or more away from a vehicle OR infantry. I also see the missiles explode on the vehicle/infantry as well, they don't "expire" before. I've tested just as much in VR training as I did in a normal fight and it has the same behavior. It makes the weapon totally unusuable in almost every situation.
  2. Behtobus

    Same problem applies for Anti-Vehicle MANA turrets. Please take a quick look at this as it makes those weapons totally unusuable
  3. Mithril Community Relations

    This will be resolved in the next update. Thanks for your report!
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  4. Behtobus

    Thank you!