NC sniper w/ nano armour stop enemy bolt 1 shot head kills?

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Jeroam, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. Jeroam

    im wondering if i should get full nano wear armour for my NC sniper.

    But if i get full nano armour, can it stop TR and Vanu with their bolt action snipers to 1 shot kill me in the head?

    if not. then no point get nano armour, and just get ammo belt instead.

    mybe for balance reasons, TR and Vanu should also get 1 shot kills, but then everyone is the same and using same tactics. i think if im wearing full nano armour then they should take 2 shots? but then they wouldnt get bolt rifle then right?
  2. Flaeb

    You can get ammo from your team and hacking terminals. Nano will save your ***.
  3. Jeroam

    u realise that a useful tactic is to sneak behind enemy lines by urself and pick off the enemy camping over a hill etc. therefore u have no teammates to give u ammo, coz ur trying to hide and not give much attention. and also not near a terminal coz the maps are pretty big.

    so i just want to know, if wearing full nano armour as NC sniper, can it stop TR and Vanu doing 1 headshot kills with their own bolt snipers?
  4. Flaeb

    I do use that tactic, I never touch the sniper, and I rarely find myself low on ammo, I just smack an enemy with the pistol twice then knife and they drop in a second. You will save a bunch of ammo doing that, and its more silent. Also, I don't think anything can save you from a bolt sniper in the head.
  5. Atreyu1989

    Im pretty sure that you are dead, full NanoWeave or not.

    I also run with the additional AMMO, pretty sweet for Behind-enemy-lines-sniping.
  6. vilehydra

    Just go Nanoweave two. It stops the same amount of bullets as nanoweave 5. And a lot cheaper.
  7. Flaeb

    I have an idea why you say this, but did you do any actual testing?
  8. vilehydra

    There was a thread during beta which did the math with TR and NC weapons. nanoweave 5 could help vs explosives, but it's a big investment for small returns.
  9. Flaeb

    I see, I appreciate you saying this as I already have Nano 2 and I wanted to get Nano 5. So I'm gonna save that for one of my last investments. Thank you.