NC Jaegar Finally did it

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Metsuro, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. Metsuro

  2. Zamos

  3. Curze

  4. Yetii

    TR 3% pop, haha
    Good work to NC of Jaeger
  5. Metsuro

    Ya they were trying to take amerish from us. While we were on Esamir. It was around 30/30/30 on amerish. and 20/50/30 on indar.
  6. nuclearunicorn

    Congratz my fellow nc bretheren. If its red, fill with lead. If it's purp, lay down the hurt.
  7. Pwnstarr

    Woot! (NC on Jaeger)
  8. Urban_Scorp

    This is what I get for not logging on. Vanu brethren, I am disappoint.
  9. SasoDuck

    You play League, your argument is invalid.
  10. centurionvi

    Well that lasted all of 3 hours, lol.
  11. KlyptoK

    Wow I missed this all while I was at work!?
  12. Maximilious

    congratulations baddies, you need double the VS population to take the whole continent in 3 hours?


    We at Helios control the whole **** everyday with same number of population across all factions...
  13. Yerk

    Congratulations in beating of the Vanus (lol) at Esamir.

    We NC Helios need a lot more help with the Vanu always stacking the Esamir continent with 60% population.

    Waiting for the balance patch to pull these arrogant aliens to the ground where they belong lol.
  14. Aerius

    Almost 2x the VS population and no 3rd opponent to worry about. Must have been hard.
  15. NoctD

    No thanks - I've seen the nonsense that is NC on Jaeger.... even if they capped a continent it doesn't matter. Play NC on Jaeger and you'll just be knocking your head on the wall at some point.
  16. Aghar30

    Being a VS player I am saddened by those who failed vanu, but good job. I have lead a few cont locks myself with my outfit, its not easy no matter what side you are playing on.
  17. Dixa

    you took those screens a few days ago

    i'm on jaeger right now. esamir is not taken by nc at all.
  18. Jaradcel

    Considering Vanu usually hold on to Esa for dear life so they can SPAM MOAR MAGGIES, I'm surprised there wasn't a fiercer pushback from them. NC Connery managed to take the cont for like, 2 hours and then every Vanu moved from Indar/Amerish to reinforce and take back Esamir.

    Guess dem barnies love dem some maggie noodles.
  19. TheArchetype

    That's me! Well, us, I guess. But mostly me.
  20. centurionvi

    It was like 4 am this morning, VS promptly took it back once they woke up.